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    Evening all,

    I have to travel to Dehli next month from UK (I’m Leeds based) and would like some advice please.

    1) Who to fly with with? There is about an £800 difference in J between the Indian airlines and UK

    2) Where to stay

    3) Do I need vaccinations and malaria tablets?

    Many thanks in advance.




    Air India’s Dreamliner is not bad and it is a relatively short flight. Otherwise have you looked at Qatar Airways from Manchester?
    The Taj Hote (Mansingh)l, Lodhi, and Leela are all great hotels.




    Check the NHS travel inoculations website:

    Not aware of Delhi being a malarial destination (others may have a different view) but the one thing you absolutely must be aware of is the need not to eat from street stalls because the likelihood of your going down with Delhi-belly is almost 100%. Likewise, drink bottled (sterilised) water and use this for teeth-cleaning. The hotels mentioned ought to have clean water supplies but…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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