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  • MartynSinclair

    I know BT are considering an article/thread on Travel Insurance and I hope this question may hasten things along…. 🙂

    I am trying to get 2 seniors insured for a 31 day trip to the USA. Whilst there are plenty of people to speak to, the majority of companies are providing quotes on a tick box mentality & not considering when illnesses or problems occurred. One example being “have you suffered from heart problems” – a drop down box, problem mentioned (atrial fibrillation), no questions of when (in this case several years ago) – Result – total exclusion for anything relevant to the heart.

    My other concern with the drop down box mentality, is that if anything is left off, or not described properly, it could null and void the cover in the event of a claim.

    I realise it is not practical in terms of cost or speed, for insurers to go to the GP for a report, but does anyone know of a sensible solution when trying to insure seniors for overseas trips outside of the EU (besides suggesting they do not travel) – but specifically to the States.

    Thank you in advance…


    Well, I’m in a similar situation with a non active cancer condition.
    Drop down box system simply says no!
    Specialist insurance companies able to offer a more tailored quote by phone have said they can help but at over £1000 a day.
    I took the risk and went without.
    Mention that you are going to the USA and be prepared to pay thousands of pounds for cover


    If they are with BUPA Martyn, or another private insurance company, they may agree to insure them for an additional premium.
    Otherwise it will be very difficult. I know as I had a similar problem with my mother when she was 83 and in the end she did not travel outside of the EU.


    I am not that old but I do have a notifiable condition which the insurers need to be advised of and they require me to do a telephonic screening annually.

    The company who do this are called Travellers Health Check and their number is 0203 829 3851. They may be able to help you or point you in the direction of a broker who can.


    Also not quite 80+ but still skiing and also in the USA….a great deal for this (though with additional but not unreasonable premium & a medical questionaire for over 75’s) is the Nationwide Flex Plus account in the UK that includes sane world wide travel insurance.

    This account costs £ 10 per month (offset if U have £ 3000 in the account).

    As for skiing you can’t go off-piste without a guide but blacks & double B’s ok if the resort classes them the right way….this needs checking. As to other problems you can agree to cover at yet more premium or decide not to – in my case one off asthma attack back some 20 years ago (no clear reason) and on statins (not a reason for heart coverage) were not charged and mean that the policy seems sensible rather than stupid.

    My main reason for travel insurance is in case of trauma…car accident….skiing into a tree….or other unforseeable….if (or sadly when) I have a terminal problem I’ll make the decision as to if my next holiday/trip actually needs insurance or any problem that comes up is just the end of the road…

    Too late for me but you can get a bopnus for signing someone up….I think….


    I am finding it is possible to insure an 80+. Premiums currently range from £800 up to £2,500 for the 31 day cover. What I am finding frustrating is as soon as you mention an illness, even if it is 5 years ago, an exclusion is confirmed, with no real medical evidence sought, but the premium remains the same.

    Sadly, they do not have PMI currently, so I can not suggest they go to a current insurer.

    PeterCoultas describes the need well – just need to get them back to the UK in the event of an accident or something that hospitalises them.

    Frankly, any long term illness isn’t going to be an issue, it’s the sudden onset of something or an accident, that needs the cover. I think this tick box mentality, is not the answer and there ought to be a more tailored travel insurance solution for seniors..


    Martyn, I wonder if Saga travel insurance might be useful?

    (Needless to say I’m not connected with them in any way).


    Martyn, I have used Insure and Go for my parents in the past. They have a “budget” option that does not require medical screening and provides cover that excludes pre-existing medical conditions – which seems to be what you’re looking for. Good luck!

    ps – Not connected with them in any way!


    I have used SAGA several times for USA trips and their illness selection system seemed quite sensible.
    I would give them a try ………..



    I am also in a non active cancer condition, op 2 years ago, all clears since, I too, have been quoted astronomical premiums. I was advised, and have been again since, don’t mention it. So I haven’t.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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