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    Flown from Manchester- Cancun Oct 2013 seat 35J window

    Boarding at Manchester: Quick boarding and well organised grouping seat numbers together allowing easy and convenient boarding e.g. rows 1-7, rows 7-20, 20-35 etc… allowing passengers to be sat down and find seats easily making for a quicker boarding time.
    Same going from Cancun-Manc

    Seats for Sitting Manc -Cancun: As comfortable as you could probably be when sat for 10+ hours, didn’t sleep on way, to be honest flight felt incredibly quick going, did feel quite uncomfortable in the last 3 or so hours but just out of boredom.

    Seats for Sleeping Cancun-Manc: This was probably the only bad thing about the flight, there was no possible way of sleeping lol i tried leaning against the window, against the person i was travelling with and against the drop down tray! must have gotten 2 hours in the whole 10 hour flight, i could have cried when i arrived back to manchester!

    Service Manc- Cancun: we were updated along the way frequently, brough relevent documents to fill in, food and drinks on time and often.
    same from cancun-manc

    Food and Drink: not a fussy eater, was 3 choices of meals chicken, veg and gravy, beef, veg and gravy or vegetarian as well as a drink of tea, coffee or juice, crackers, cheese and chutney, deserts, salt, pepper, sugar and milk plastic folks and knives and spoons. from memory, im sure we got scones, jam and clotted cream a few hours after our meals as well, food and drink was also available on the flight however quite expensive, personally i recommend buying something from the airport before boarding.
    Cancun-Manc: i tried blocking the whole return flight out my memory lol, however similar applies, similar food and experience.

    In flight entertainment: Manc- Cancun- all seats had a small television in the seat in front, surprisingly good choice of in flight films available, all knew out, good choice of TV programmes, Music stations, there was also a video camera that could be watched of the plane taking off however this function wasnt working. also just some general info on the flight like a live map of where in the world you’re flying over which i thought was pretty good, as well as how long left of the flight and estimated landing time, the pilot also let us know when to look out for landmarks which we might have been able to see out the windows such as new york city!
    Cancun-Manc: still very good entertainment! however it was a night flight majority of it! so couldnt see much out the window so any entertainment was what you made it! we took a pack of cards!

    Punctuality: Manc-Cancun everything was seemingly on time, no delays thank god, was quite an easy long haul
    Cancun-Manc, minor delay, we was supposed to be flying 3:30 but only boarded the plane at 4, didn’t really have any impact really, to be honest i didnt even notice!

    Baggage manc-cancun- took hand luggage on, kept it under my seat, the hold luggage was 22kg? or 20kg? one of the two,
    same on the way back.

    over all i think the flight going was a lot more enjoyable than coming home, simply because it was a day flight and you’re excited to go holiday, no complaints about the food or cabin crew. You pay for what you get, if you want better then pay for it!
    Coming back was a mix of emotions lol, it was a night flight, you’re tired and just want to be home! entertainment, cabin crew and food still just as acceptable as it was going.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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