The Malaysian Airlines new A380 Business seat – NOT FF?!

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    In the guide so wonderfully illustrated by BT, and in their own statements, the MH new Business seat, as reviwed by many is described as fully flat / horizontal.

    As BT, and many travellers have commented in every review here, we all know from the knee down it is not!
    Why does everyone including the Airline, and BT and others who classify of their products continue to describe it as horizontal/ fully flat?
    It simply, is not.
    It is not even angled flat.

    I flew return to KUL from LHR on the A380 service, in November 12, and the experience from check in, LHR lounge (impeccable), service and food on board simply excellent.
    But the seat Does need addressing, as it is not comfortable to sleep on, you having to locate where it goes down, where you put your knee, or your leg just hangs in the air.

    Such a lost opportunity for MH to put so much into the new aircraft, and fail on the most important feature in getting the seat right?

    Can BT elicit why this is the case, and perhaps clarify why they continue to list the seat as flat, when it is the experience of all of us, that is is far from it?

    Crew also told me, that they had original plans for a lounge on the upper deck at the front right where the extended toilets are, and merely filled in the side with wardrobes? Plenty of space and poorly used, what a pity.

    The food was far better travelling out from LHR than back on the 2 week old A380 day flight from KUL into LHR. It was quite a surprise from their own base airport to have a noticeable lesser quality / cheaper meal.

    Any thoughts from other readers or BT?


    I’ve not travelled MH for years, but their service was very good indeed. It’s a shame that their seat lets them down.


    MAS ordered the A380s in year 2003. The seats could be the product of 2003 too.

    MAS is a government-linked company (GLC), all senior posts in the management are appointed by the government, all not of them know how to run an airline.


    It is very bizarre that many airlines including MH, AF and LH buy new airplanes claiming to be the best in the air in all aspects while keeping the old crappy seats making the experience of traveling on a new airplane unfortunate.


    Have to agree why would any premier league carrier not take the opportunity to enhance the experience and launch new products when introducing new fleets. Very odd and the worst is yet to come


    Even the last post by a BT Revview brings up the same claim.

    BT should re-classify the MH seat, as it is NOT 180 or fully flat, at least on here there woukld be no misleading.

    BTR, even your own reviewers find the same, it should be listed as cradle, as it does not meet even the angled lie flat, as the seat does not extends in any way so it is the same length throughout.

    This is a matter of honesty by BT and its readers, and reviewers, and should be adjusted,, please?!!!
    They should also elicit a response from BT.
    I myself having travelled, do not count it as FF, or angled lie flat. The facts are, it simply is not.

    Such a wasted opportunity, even if the order was placed in 2003, there was plenty time to fix the problem or upgrade the seat, in time for the 1012/13 deliveries.
    I till not go down well compared to other Airlines, and customers choosing them over MH.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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