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    After using Avis for all my car rental needs while travelling around American, it is good to see they have the same service here. Well, nearly. Renting from Heathrow recently, I turned up on their bus, and as a Preferred member the driver was very helpful and when I arrived at the depot my name and details of where my car would be were on the electronic ‘scoreboard’. In I got – with my 10% discount and free upgrade for being a BA Executive Club member – and off I went.
    The next thing I would like them to add – as they do in the States – is the option to pick any car from your rental group, just get in that and drive away.



    I second Avis. Dropping a car in Verona I was pushing things to make my connecting train. So, rather than getting a taxi for me, the manager drove me there herself. Very thoughtful.



    In some emergency services you can find out the more option for rental cars….




    NB The free upgrade for Exec Club has been dropped! It is a free extra driver now.



    From last Summer, we originally had a booking from VCE which got transferred to BLQ after an M25 pile-up meant missing a Friday evening LGW flight. Upon arrival on the Saturday lunchtime, we got an Alfa Romeo Giulietta rather than the small car we’d ordered and there was no extra charge for leaving it at VCE on the way back. They were first rate.



    got an Alfa Romeo Giulietta rather than the small car we’d ordered and there was no extra charge for leaving it at VCE on the way back.




    AVIS loyalty scheme is working well. Free upgrades on Preferred Plus card automatically happen. Just had a “Thankyou” of a free weekend hire anywhere in Europe or UK.



    After my last Avis UK booking, I say never ever again. I booked my car through (as always cheaper).

    The category was listed as Premium and gave a BMW 3 series as the example car, with of course the caveat or equivalent car.

    On pick-up (for a 2 week booking) I was given a Skoda Octiva. I asked the women in the preferred booth if the Skoda was a premium car to which her rude response you have a car in the class you have booked. Showed her my booking where it quite clearly said premium and she said no the Skoda isn’t what she would consider premium, but you have what you booked. Then went and saw the manager, and was told the same thing, then yeah this happens all the time with 3rd party bookings, but no offer of remedy. Great customer focus there.

    Anyway after returning I complained to Qantas, who blamed Avis. I complained to Avis who blamed Qantas. In the end however Qantas presued it for me and it turns out it was actually an Avis issue, to do with the way that they report their car classes to 3rd party booking systems such as the one Qantas uses.

    Avis’s remedy, a free upgrade voucher for 2 days and only from compact to intermediate class and only next time I am in the UK. A whole lot of use that will be as I rarley visit the UK these days. And no apology.

    Great customer service isn’t it? Have a known issue that ‘happens’ all the time. Bury your head in the sand, blame someone else and when found out your wrong, no sorry or any real remedy what so ever.

    Also the whole preferred system is a bit of a joke. I signed up when I live in the UK, but now cannot change the address to a non UK address despite the fact I no longer live in the UK.

    Next time I will use another company, there are plenty out there.



    Same here, openfly, and the scheme works well for me, too. I had 10+ rentals in various locations last year and no issues with any of them. The cars were always new, well maintained and the collection/drop-off procedure was generally very quick.

    When I get to the desk, I always like to ask what choice of vehicle they have and even managed to swap a standard Golf for a Mini Cooper (great fun to drive!) at no extra cost on my last rental in Marbella. A happy customer is one that comes back and I’m a happy customer!



    I normally experience great service from Avis, but Lyon (LYS) was a shambles. The preferred line was there to see but not understood by staff or customers. It took 50 minutes to get a car, 4 in front of me and two staff serving. Also to say booking Avis on is consistently cheaper, and booking on is much cheaper if I don’t use my Avis credentials.



    I look at the price, then book with Avis over the phone. They have my Exec Club details so I get all the Avios. By booking over the phone I get notes/requests put onto the rental. AND….BA charges a cheeky £5 cc charge if you go through….direct with AVIS and no charge. AVIS reservation staff are so friendly at the Europe/UK call centre in BCN.



    Avis is my preferred car rental company too. When things go well, they are great. When things go wrong, they are worse than the ME3 in terms of customer service. Never once received a response to numerous emails (on separate cases too). They are more responsive over the phone but again, pretty poor post rental customer service!




    They move very quickly if you email the CEOs office! Worked several times for me and you end up with a useful PAs email address in his office.



    I have to use Avis as part of our corporate account and like any other business the service you get at any location is totally a funtion of the people working there! Most of the time the service is great but, much as I hate generalizations, Denver and Pittsburg airports are always very poor, with LAX hit or miss but that is mainly vehicle availability.

    One thing that does make me laugh is the e mail that tells me I MAY receive an e mail with my vehicle and location – at which they are about 50:50 getting to me BEFORE I drive out the lot….

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