Stag party causes flight diversion

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    I really hope Ryanair pursue this group for any extra incidental costs incurred by their hideous behaviour. If nothing else, it’s in Ryanair’s M.O. to charge where they can.


    I’m just really sorry for the other passengers, and the crew, whose plans and schedules were disrupted quite badly. (And I can’t raise an iota of sympathy for the stag group. Don’t people have more sense in 2016 than to drink like that before boarding a flight?)


    Makes you ashamed to be British, or at least come from Southampton which I basically do!
    But what the hell were the gate staff doing letting them on in the first place? The report states they were drunk at that point. Is there any legal requirement for the safety of the other pax?


    Could they sue ? Possibly

    Will they? No because even if they win I doubt this lot have the money to pay any damages. Ryanair would just be using good money to go after bad. What should happen is the airlines share info on such passanges and refuse to carry them again.


    5-10 year flight ban, unless they pay compensation


    I know what you mean IIoydah. Whenever one of these stories crops up I cringe,as I have expect reference to be made to a Scottish individual/s thus reinforcing the stereotype.

    In regards to Ryanair sueing them. I think that would be the last of their worries. Surely German prosecutors would be charging.them with a serious criminal offence related to endangering a civil aircraft. A prison sentence and a criminal record must be pursued.


    lloyda is bang on, they must have been certainly half cut when they boarded then throw in the statement that things started to go pear shaped when the cabin crew refused to serve them more alcohol.

    Ryanair must share some of the blame as a) the gate agents let them on drunk and b) it sounds like they were served more booze up to the point when things turned ugly.


    I’m all for personal responsibility, but the goons seem to be gaining on the rest of us. Gate agents need more training, more authority, and more compensation to attract people who can do the job properly. In the US, gate agents constantly allow people to board carrying huge bags, sometimes 2 or 3 of them. Allowing drunk people to board an aircraft is ridiculous. A GA told me last year “We don’t get paid enough to argue with passengers”. So this kind of behavior goes on, and the flight attendants are expected to deal with it.


    You are right lloydah, they really should have been denied boarding in the first place.


    NTarrant – 30/03/2016 07:30 BST

    +1 – it’s about time that root cause analysis was applied in these situations and drunks denied boarding.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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