Skytrax and its relationships with airlines

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    We have discussed on here before the relevance of Skytrax – [see Awards and accolades – are they for real?] their choosing which reviews they will publish and their editing of them. Their annual ‘World best airline’ awards and associated star status.

    Many have questioned the impartiality of Skytrax with these awards and rankings. How much is it worth for an airline to have a ‘worlds best airline’ award or a five star ranking? Most airlines that do have one (or both) of these feature their award or ranking prominently in their marketing.

    Well it seems one large airline has decided it has had enough and is severing all ties with Skytrax. Etihad has said in a statement that it had chosen to do so following a review of the criteria used by Skytrax. It will no longer be eligible for awards issued by Skytrax.

    It seems it has pretty much taken a swipe at the way Skytrax reviews and awards airlines – probably many of the same complaints we have mentioned on other threads before.

    It doesn’t seem to appear to be a case of sour grapes – Etihad has a fantastic service, great value fares and the product is up there with the best.

    The question is, will more airlines now follow suit?


    I for one 100% support Etihad on this one, and I hope other airlines DO follow suit because I for one feel continually frustrated by Skytrax’s lack of transparency and questionable impartiality.


    I also agree with Etihad on this one. I’m not sure of the criteria they use, or how the responses are weighted but I’m very wary of these survey’s preferring own experience or the experiences of friends and posters on forums such as this in deciding who to fly with.


    I’m with ETIHAD…don’t get me wrong QR is very good ariline as well.. but must fo the SKYTRAX awards make you think how they got it!!!


    I just hope many other airlines will do the same! We do not need that Skytrax thing out there: too biased!


    Cheers rferguson, you’re post intrigued me so I did a bit of research on how skytrax rate …. 20 minutes of my life I’m not going to get back : )

    However, I was reading an article about Kenya Airways. An airline that has a very good reputation for service . So much so, those who have flown with them usually make them the first option there after. Those people who still choose European carriers ,i suspect do so because of prejudices against African airlines based on historic perceptions !

    I wonder if KQ could challenge those preconcieved perceptions by proclaiming their 5 star status. Skyward rating is currently 3 star ,so they need to work at how they make Skytrax happy.
    An African airline that’s as good as CX or QR. People might then give them their rightful place as quality airline in the big boys league.


    Does any serious traveller really read Skytrax? I know I did for a while years ago and I even posted to it once. What they posted in my name had been so edited that I insisted they remove it as it no longer conveyed what I had said.

    The sooner all the airlines follow Etihad’s lead the better.


    I remember around ten years ago seeing a music CD set for sale called, Best of the 80’s. I decided to buy it. On arrival in the post I was most disappointed and then outraged to see it did not include Madonna or Michael Jackson, two of the most iconic music geniuses of the eighties. Similarly Skytrax without Etihad, meaningless.

    Tom Otley

    Seems they are back in though….



    Interesting to note that BA really don’t get a look in across all the main categories. Does this make the Skytrax awards more, or less, credible?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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