Sick of staying in big hotel chains!! I want more independents !!

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  • Patricia bsc

    Hi there!!!

    I am super sick of staying in big hotel chains when traveling (working in financial services!)
    I wanna see if I am the only one wanting to go to boutique hotels?? If not, it is time to start something to change this world!! I want my company to book those kind of hotels.

    To see if I am all alone in my thoughts would you mind please answering a few questions if you travel more than 3 times per year? The typeform takes no more than 3 minutes to do!!

    Thank you so much 🙂


    Interestingly I was discussing this topic today with a friend who, like me, is semi-retired, and travels mostly for leisure and some business, often combining the two – a great balance.

    All things being equal, which they never are, I would prefer independents.

    Big chains are often as dull as dishwater but generally you know what to expect, which of course can be anything from dreadful (Britannia, for example whose hotels are some of the worst in the UK) to luxury, but each chain offers a consistent standard across each of its brands – usually. I can’t bothered with collecting points so I tend not to look for the brands that offer loyalty programmes, such as IHG whose scheme is so complicated and the redemption procedure so arcane that I gave up long ago.

    I don’t like staying in town centres, which is where most of the better chain hotels tend to be. When I have to stay in a town in the UK I quite often choose Premier Inn as they are consistently very comfortable, quiet and clean, which are my main criteria. They are basic, but I don’t need the facilities of the higher level chains.

    Boutique hotels are a matter of taste, I have a list of those I regularly stay in and enjoy. Some boutique hotels are too ‘fussy’ and formal or simply attract a clientele I prefer not to mix with. The only real downside of independents is that if something goes wrong, you have less recourse than if it’s part of a group.

    They tend to fall outside company and TMC policies for various reasons. I am in the fortunate position that I make my own travel decisions and (within reason) I don’t have a budget, unless a client is paying in which case if I choose a more expensive hotel than I would reasonably expect them to pay for, I absorb the difference (and then jack up my daily rate to compensate!!)

    I have responded to your survey.


    Independents are fine, provided they offer all the facilities you are either used to or need.

    Over the years I have altered my outlook and therefore expectations on the hotels etc that I have either stayed in or to do so in future.
    When I was younger any hotel would do provided it offered a decent room, a fitness complex, decent food and good access. Now I am nearing retirement in the last few years I have looked for higher quality accommodation, no families or kids running around the place, good food, a decent lounge, hopefully good company and finally somewhere within the locality of a sightseeing experience.

    I expect other posters on here have also changed their views and expectations over the years as well. Not just from the financial aspect either.


    I am the exact opposite to you, Patricia. I am probably a boring person, but after decades of travel all over the place I now always choose a chain hotel. This is for 3 reasons, [1] I want to know exactly what I will get for what I pay. [2] I used to stay in boutique hotels and other hotels but find them, unlike chains, erratic in what they provide – sometimes good, often not good. I don’t find this with chains: I can almost always know in advance what a Holiday Inn, or Hilton, or Sofitel will be like. [3] I couldn’t care less that chains are the same everywhere – I like it.

    That’s me anyway. Safe travels to all.


    I like to stay in chains for most of my Travel because i know what I am getting. Pre Trip advisor and other review sites I had too many bad experiances. My usage is usualy fly in, sleep, checkout, go to meeting and fly out again. However when I am on personal travel I go for independents. If I find a good one at a location i travel to on business as well then I use the indy for that too


    Interesting. I used to be all for boutique hotels and I would go out of my way to avoid chains. However, I now travel enough that I have come to appreciate knowing what I am in for. I like the standards and uniformity of chain hotels. I like the support they have if things go wrong. And I really like the executive/club/concierge lounges.

    My attitude changed partly because I was travelling more and partly because of a few negative experiencs that would not have occured in a chain (an allergy to laundry detergent was an unforgettable experience in one of the ‘Leading hotels of the world’. A chain but not really a chain.


    I generally stay in the larger business style hotels (mainly SPG). I have meetings in the hotels where I stay and the larger style hotels are generally more suited and provide a wide range of business facilities.

    I also feel loyalty is rewarded more in the large brand/chain style hotel groups.

    Last year though, I spent 4 wonderful days in Barcelona, staying at the Cotton House (which is a boutique hotel, but managed by the Marriott). Whole lot was paid for on Marriott points.


    I enjoy both. For boutique or independently owned hotels I use LHW, Small Leading Hotels or Relais et Chateau and I tend Tomas these for 3+ day stays. For shorter stays I use Hilton, Marriot, SPG or (rarely) Accor.


    Recently I have started to stay in the Curio section of Hilton.. mainly in NYC in the Renwick… It seems to be the best of both worlds…. Major chain benefit of points and accrual but with a quirky aspect… now seems to be my preferred hotel in NYC.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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