Shocking way Emirates treats its Platinum members

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  • EkPlat73

    Wait it gets better! Have just received the following from CS manager

    I refer to your email message addressed to Mr Thierry Antinori, our Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, and the subsequent response from Ms Inas Zaki.

    Please allow me to clarify that due to his busy schedule, Mr Antinori is unable to personally respond to customers. This office is charged with the responsibility of managing customer feedback on behalf of all members of Senior Management in the Emirates Group.

    May I assure you that as an organisation, we are sensitive to the needs of our customers. As an audit department, we take all customer feedback relating to our product offering and service into consideration, and the relevant stakeholders in the company are briefed, as part of our continuous improvement process.

    I have taken the opportunity to review this matter once again and regrettably, I am unable to find any query related to duplicate bookings in Business and First class as you have indicated.

    I can confirm that for a one way upgrade between Phuket and Dubai the number of miles required are 39,000 when you purchase a Flex-fare ticket.

    Although I can appreciate your disappointment, regrettably we are unable to improve on our offer of 39,000 Skywards miles each to you.

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us again and hope we can now draw this matter to a close.

    We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you when you next travel with Emirates.

    Yours sincerely,

    Customer Affairs Manager
    Emirates Airline


    I have sent them copy of dupe booking the email I sent them 15 days before I travelled. Unfortunately cant seem to cut and paste the screen shots on my ipad to this forum.



    This is taken from the Emirates conditions of carriage:

    9.3 Denied boarding
    9.3.1 If we cannot carry you in your ticketed class of service on a flight for which you have a confirmed reservation and have met all applicable check-in and boarding deadlines:
    9.3.1(a) we will carry you on one of our later flights in your ticketed class of service or, if you choose, we will carry you on another of our flights in a different class of service. In the event of a downgrade from your ticketed class of service we will refund you the difference between the applicable fare, taxes, fees, charges and surcharges paid for your ticketed class of service and the fare, taxes, fees, charges and surcharges applicable to the class of service in which you are actually carried.

    So it would seem you are entitled to a partial refund.


    I really can’t see why EK is not refunding you the fare difference. Is there a considerable amount involved? If there is perhaps a letter from your lawyer threatening legal action or as someone suggested, dispute the charge with your credit card company. I assume where you are living there is not the equivalent of a small claims court as there is in the UK?

    In the meantime you have received a personal reply from the CS manager. Try calling him and discussing the matter. If as he says 39,000 miles is enough to upgrade fro J to F then fair enough I suppose, providing of course you will be flying the route again.

    The reality is threats will get you nowhere and one or twp pax more or less will make no difference to them. Likewise if people are happy with EK they won’t change their preferred carrier because of the above. In fact I have an upcoming trip to the US and the EK flight out of Milan is quite convenient, well priced and chauffeur collection, so I’m not swayed by your poor experience. In fairness if I’m let down I’ll likely grumble and recall your post!

    It’s a tough one and I do sympathise, but I’ve learnt that unless you carry lots of clout by way of who you are or the business you bring, you’ll be banging your head against a brick wall. Legal action or the CC route are your best bets.


    OP – raise a dispute with your credit card company is my advice.


    Qatar Airways – the world’s self proclaimed “5-star” airline – are exactly the same. In practice they are not even of run down Motel standard.


    As a Gold member of many years standing, I too have been on the wrong end of the very poor ‘Customer Service’ offered by Emirates (a few times), much in line with the attitude shown on this occasion to EkPlat73. They do not appeared to be a customer focused group at all, and are simply not interested in dealing with an issue fairly when it is far easier to give you a take it or leave it option (always last thing Thursday afternoon), if you eventually get a response at all.

    Even the previous good standard of Emirates flight staff appears to have dropped considerably.

    I won’t go into my particular case here, but having already got my gold card covered, I too have been travelling with another Gulf based airline, and the difference in attitude is a breath of fresh air.

    Good luck with you efforts!



    Thanks for your reply, further to two more email with clear proof of my claim CS have told me that the case is closed!! I am trying a final time via a different approach (not customer affairs) so lets see if they can turn me around!!!


    EkPlat73 – 22/09/2015 06:29 BST

    Knowing how EK operates, I honestly think you have two choices here

    1 – accept that they have mishandled your case, but are now into face saving mode; how much do you need to fly the airline and does it impact you adversely to walk? – if the answer is yes/yes or no/yes, then stay with them and hope your next flights are better – they probably will be

    2 – if the answer is no/no, then – go switch to EY or QR (or even WY)

    As someone who works a fair bit in the region and flies EK/EY regularly, I find they are both great when things go well, but a disaster when things go wrong – the Gulf region is not mature in management processes generally.

    Please don;t think I am criticising you in anyway, I truly understand where you are coming from – I’m just trying to offer you a different perspective.


    Thanks FDOS_UK

    Agree with you 100% Thank you all for comments and support!!


    Please do update us with further responses.

    I can only think that somehow, they do not understand the involuntary downgrade aspect of this. There are occasional swaps on this route (i.e this Sundays EK 378, Mondays 379 is 2 class) so they must be used to downgrading passengers.

    This is so un-platinum, the only possible reasoning I can think for the responses you have received is that they some how misundertand. Good luck!


    Suggest to copy & paste the relevant terms and conditions as one of the previous posters has provided and stick to it. All the other “passion” that comes out in your letter is good, but masks what you really want – try to be more fact-based (but understand the frustration).

    Why not try social media – go on Twitter and send short messages until they respond? Also use Facebook to get your message across. Now you’re exposing EK to millions not just the one customer service person?

    twitter account is: @emirates
    facebook account is:

    Email addresses can be: <a href="“> or try

    Etihad is abysmal in post-flight issues. Absolutely horrible. EK is still better if you can imagine.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.


    Whilst the service in the air is still good and the cabin crew are very responsive (I find) the management are arrogant with no concept on how to handle straightforward and simple matters in regard to issues such as ‘Involuntary downgrades’ & Booking problems with! (Not forthcoming on problems because they have a division called Mercator who develop software for Emirates and try to sell it to other airlines and aviation firms!)
    Emirates does not anticipate issues when they have an equipment change (I have no problem with that, however Emirates seem to have problems communicating with their customers in a reasonable time and contemplating the fare adjustments as a result of their need to change aircraft). I am still awaiting a fare refund as a result of an equipment change on the CMB-SIN sector when booked in First, they had to remove the usual aircraft for one with Business & Economy only! However there is no conciliatory tone or apology from Emirates when this happens, just the feeling that you will walk away and not follow them up for the refund and accept their increasingly grudging attitude toward customers!


    DO not expect any service outside the aircraft on any ME airlines, they are atrocious and ill-mannered. i stopped traveling on them bec of this reason, I have moved to cathay pacific but that experiences has also been very sub-standard.


    I have to say this is not the Emirates I recognise, I fly with them around ten times a year and although there are occasionally some problems I have always found them very helpful and competent in sorting them out. Compared to the likes of Turkish Airlines customer service they are angels !

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