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    Greetings fellow travelers,

    I’ve decided to take a quick break to visit a chum. It’s not a business trip, so I’m paying myself and, of course, am going World Traveler with BA.

    I’ve got a choice of seats on a mid-J spec 747, but need advice…
    Do I go for an aisle seat, safe in the knowledge I can get out and walk about whenever I lke?

    Or do I plump for somethink like 29k, wing exit, no seat in front, lots of legroom… but does that mean no entertainment for the flight?

    Am I facing a legroom or entrtainment choice here or is it in the seat armrest?

    Your wise advice welcomed…


    This is a good seat and as I recall you get a TV that pops up from the arm rest – grab it is my advice


    Sickbag, I think you’ve a problem as the 29 row is WT+ not WT so forget the single seat it’ll be snapped by silver or goldies goin right instead of left !!, and unless you book full fare you wont get a seat choice at all until online opens 24hrs before. My choice grab an aisle if you can at least that way you’ll get out and about easily.


    Thanks, both.

    Turns out that I’m able to reserve my seat online way ahead of the 24hr thing, so have taken the advice and gone for 29k outbound and inbound.

    I’ll report back if it goes TU.


    Well, happy to say I secured the seat, both ways, and it was well worth the effort.

    Certainly one to remember – legroom and ease of access.

    Thanks for the help.


    Think you will find that any seat over wing (in front of emerg exit) is NOT bookable in advance, and can only be booked when checking -in , as airline has to see that you are fit & healthy, & able to open Emergency door if required. Of course a few ‘iffy’ airlines (Wing & a Prayer) may not insisist, but am sure any decent airline, follows this strict rule . but sure someone, here will disagree ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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