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  • Cashsuds

    I travelled CI from TPE to HND 3 weeks ago and on checking in together asked to sit next to my partner. This was flatly refused and was told that I had to – after embarking, to ask whoever was sitting next to me to change seats.
    Is is reasonable that the airline does this for you rather having to do this myself? Surely it would be simply easier for the airline to do this?? Or am I expecting too much ???
    This will be my last time I will be flying with them!!


    Cashsuds – It can depend on a variety of factors. Class of travel, ticket/tariff type, how busy was the flight, did you and your partner pre-book specific seats (before arriving at the airport) and so on.


    I think the problem is if someone had reserved the particular seat you need, or perhaps even paid extra to secure it, they’ll not take to kindly to being told to move.

    It’s a bit unfair to blame the airline here and I’ve found on the rare occasion I’ve needed to ask, that a polite request personally to the person will result in them giving up their seat.


    PS. As a matter of interest, did you pre-book your seats and the airline re-assigned it? If you did then clearly they are in the wrong.


    Always best to choose seats at the earliest opportunity if you have a requirement, and in business that should be easy on most airlines. On many airlines its no problem in economy or even on ticket purchase if you are a club member.


    You are definitely asking too much. Why would you expect the airline to start moving people around the cabin so you can sit with your travel companion and risk upsetting other people on the flight who are moved as a consequence? If you didn’t feel comfortable approaching another passenger once you had boarded, I’m sure a member of cabin crew would have had a quiet word on your behalf. I’ve always found fellow passengers to be pretty accommodating in such situations. I have been asked to move on a couple of occasions, once I agreed as the passenger was very polite, once I declined as the passenger started the conversation with “this is where I usually sit”! Obviously that conversation was not going to end in a good way for him. He returned to his original seat and had a face like a moody teenager for the rest of the flight.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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