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    Trying Scoot for the first time on this 02.10hrs flight from Singapore to Sydney, arriving 12.30pm.

    No priority baggage exists here for scootbiz customers, which would not have taken much to provide.

    With good expectations being a baby of Singapore Airlines, we were considerably shocked (!!!) at the crew capability, and the disorientated service on board.

    Some crew were clearly new, but supervision and training seemed to have failed most of them, and the Manager being hopeless!

    Not only were they wandering around with no co-ordination doing the same tasks, repeating themselves, they were also missing major safety factors, hygiene factors, and basic service requirements.

    During heavy turbulence, the overhead baggage locker came open and it was not put back crew walking past it. Several items fell down missing other passengers slightly!

    Meals that were served, were not cleared away at some seats, and foils and drinks remained some fallen onto the floor. Clearly the crew don’t care about keeping the cabin safe, clean or pleasant for its passengers.

    It is the first aircraft in 20 years flying into Australia, where the compulsory spraying of the aircraft as required under Australia law, was not done at all!

    The seat was extremely basic even for a premium cabin, old small seat tables from the oldest model you can imagine. Meals were ok but nothing more than a supermarket cook chill dinner, which took 1.5 hrs to get to us. NO co-ordination of service or meals or drinks, no information on what you paid for and what not, had to ask for the ipad entertainment which some completely forgot or did not know about.

    The cabin lights were kept on and no one bothered to draw down the windows on one part, leaving a dawn light shooting into the cabin a few hours after we left at past 2am, when clearly people wanted to sleep. There was complete ignorance in the crew to everything, lacking even common sense.

    The Aircraft an old 777-200 lacked any feel inside, and no service you could rely on or even feel safe with.
    We were shocked this was anything produced by or associated with Singapore Airlines.

    The fare was cheap, but the Air Asia low cost option though it is a little more, is better than Scoot medium haul.

    We will NOT take them again. Their crew need Urgent attention to hygiene, cleanliness, and all the basics of the job, as well as the Airline begin to comply with Australian legal requirements by spraying the Aircraft prior to landing.

    An Un-coordinated, uncomfortable, poor experience, with crew who would not be paying enough attention to operating in a shop, let alone on an aircraft.

    They would not be any good in an emergency judging by the lack of safety and management .

    We landed 30 minutes late, baggage had to be waited for for 15 mins mixed with all others. We left the plane hungry but glad to be off such a dirty badly maintained cabin, and such grossly ignorant, untrained crew.

    NOT recommend them at all, they were simply a complete mess on board.

    2 seats in the “ScootBiz” section, cost approx £350 for both, booking 6 weeks ahead.

    I would rather pay more and have competence in economy on other Airlines.


    Marcus,sorry to hear about your unpleasant flight. 1 small point, airlines have not had to spray insecticide inside the cabins on arrival in Australia for many years. Saving us Aussies much embarrassment.


    Paul, just a correction, I think only flights from New Zealand and Singapore are exempt from the spraying. I flew into SYD on AC from YVR in August and the aircraft was sprayed before we were allowed to disembark.


    That’s interesting Mroo I ve arrived from dps sin and bkk this year and not been sprayed nor seen it in my recent memory of past years. There s a flyer talk thread from 2006 confirming the rare experience of other travellers. One says he had nt seen it in the 20 years prior.

    I wonder why your Canadian origin flight was picked or if it s random. Perhaps another reader knows.


    Do not think it is random, been on that flight 3 times in 2 years, and each one has been sprayed. Interesting as the spraying is done on the ground by Oz quarantine officers who board at the gate and not before landing as was the case in the past. It would be interesting to find out which flights are still subject to this and why.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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