Saudia continues to expand at London Heathrow

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  • persiantraveller

    @alainboy56 – Competing with me on the length factor. Love that.
    Yes, Oman has always been a tad different (maybe better) compared to its other Gulf counterparts, friendlier locals and more working in “normal” jobs not doing just ‘Dawam’. And, really very interesting to know about “Omanisation” being there since the 80s, I wasn’t aware of it going back that far, and defo a nice break from all the indian/pak/bangla/srilankan driving the taxis in Dubai where it gives you the idea of separation and a bit of discrimination between the local class or expats, and then migrants. I agree that all of these -isation programmes do beg the question: why do multinationals have to hire locals? Is it because the governments want guaranteed work and income for their population, or maybe they aren’t talented enough… I have nothing against governments protecting their local citizens, and in fact they should do it everywhere, we should have that more often but this does seem a bit exaggerated, like those woke DEI percentage quotas. Love the humorous bit about the managers, honestly it is amusing how they put as top managers some youngster who has no field experience as the fa├žade but then he doesn’t do anything and instead its some expat manager under him and all of the subordinates doing all the work for him…

    But I honestly have to say, GCC locals are usually “reluctantly tolerant” as I like to say because they are aware that without expats their whole world will crumble, they just don’t have the manpower and workforce to keep things going on this scale, and all of their success is partly due to us going there and expats working in the Gulf, also its their money and surely the fact that they make it attractive for expats to go there (good salary packages, tax-free haven, and better lifestyle/housing benefits than other countries), you have to give their visionary leaders credit though, absolutely, they have created, shaped, and developed/realized their vision for these amazing metropolises toward the future in such a short time (ofc thanks to oil money). Whether you like or agree with them or not, leave the feelings/opinions behind, you do have to recognise and admire that.

    I have local friends too, and they’re nice, just a bit lazy… they can’t lock us up for saying the truth. Even their women know the truth.


    BOOZE will always be a big NO-NO on SAUDIA. Wahhabism dictates it, as opposed to other ME carriers

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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