Sama Sama Hotel, KLIA, Malaysia

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    When we heard the Pan Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport had been rebranded as Sama-Sama Hotel (meaning welcome or togetherness in Malay) we decided to try it out.

    It was our last hotel during our trip to Malaysia in Nov. 2013.

    Arriving at KLIA from the Villa Samadhi (see review) we had problems locating the hotel. All elevators indicate the Sama-Sama, but only one specific stops right in front of the sign leading you in the right direction. The best way to reach the correct lift is to pass the Information Desk at Departures to your left, when arriving from the KLIA Ekspress / Arrivals.

    The Sama-Sama offers free buggy transport to/from the hotel. Walking is also possible – it takes ca. ten to fifteen minutes on an air conditioned walk way.

    When we entered the hotel lobby we noticed immediately the high ceilings, atrium and airy feel. It was designed in classical grand style with lovely palms to each side.

    The check in was to the right. There were quite a few desks because it was a large hotel. The check in agent was friendly and said since we stayed only very short he wouldn’t take a swipe of our credit card and the mini bar would be unfortunately unavailable.

    All expenditures had to be paid at the outlet it was taken at. It wasn’t a problem for us. With the airports close proximity getting snacks and drinks wasn’t an issue either.

    Within the lobby were also a gift shop, Degrees Restaurant for all day dining, Palmz Lounge and Travellers Bar & Grill.

    There is live music every night.

    After receiving our key cards we went up one floor via elevator to our room. We stopped at the balcony with seating area to have a look at the atrium. It was interesting to watch the comings and goings.

    Our room was around five minutes’ walk away.

    It was large and the interior was a mix of traditional and modern design. It was beside the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur the most technological advanced with an IPad controlling all blinds, air conditioning and lights. There were also touch screens at the entrance to switch on the lights. Our view was over the pool. Families were already having fun and could order meals, snacks and drinks from the Pool Terrace Cafe. The room was soundproof. We didn’t hear any noise from the pool or the planes.

    I could hear a bit of music drifting up from the lobby, so if you are a light sleeper, I would recommend you choose a room on the higher floor or away from the Palmz Lounge.

    We had a large comfortable bed, a seating area, writing desk, large flat screen TV with a wide range of international and regional channels and a wardrobe. The whole room was kept in dark colours. It made it feel homey and soothing.

    The bath room was equipped with a separate bath tub and shower, sink, toilet and own branded amenities. The water pressure was good and the tub comfortable.

    We explored the hotel a bit and found on the lower ground floor meeting rooms and the beauty salon. There was also a fitness room and access to the pool. The pool was nestled in a tropical garden and invited us to dip in, but since I was still feeling unwell we decided to forgo it.

    The gift shop offered nick knacks, newspapers and souvenirs. We bought a few purses.

    Later in the evening we went to dinner at Travellers Bar & Grill. The decor was futuristic and there was also a stage. On one wall were autographs of Formula 1 drivers and other famous people. The staff was friendly and welcoming, but unfortunately they didn’t explain how the ordering process functioned.

    They gave us an IPad each. Mine didn’t always function the way it should have or maybe my brain was too foggy with my cold. Finally I reached the non-alcoholic cocktail I wanted and was about to press order, when the waiter was suddenly there and asked what he could serve us today. We showed him the pizza we wanted to share, my cocktail and my better half’s water melon juice on the IPad. The drinks seemed to take ages to arrive until we were approached again and advised some ingredients for my cocktail weren’t available and if I would be so kind to choose another drink. The IPad was handed back to me. I told the waiter I wanted also a water melon juice. For some reason I still had to show it to him on the IPad.

    Satisfied he passed on my order and returned with the pizza with chicken, cheese, peppers and green leaves. A few minutes later my juice arrived as well. The pizza was yummy.

    The dining experience was a bit odd, but the quality of the meal very good, so we would return.
    I think we paid around 80 MYR (ca. 17.85 Euro or 24.10 USD).

    Soon afterwards we retired to our room, watching a movie and having a bath before going to bed. We had an early start the next morning and checked out at 07.00 hours. The checkout was very quick since there weren’t any charges. We had to wait a few minutes before we were taken with the golf buggy to the airport.

    In future we are going to stay always at the Sama-Sama KLIA when arriving or departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, as it adds to a great travel experience in the wonderful country of Malaysia.

    Would we recommend this hotel to a friend? YES!
    Would we stay again at this hotel in the future? YES!


    For a one night stay it sounds great Uggboy. One of my favourite tricks when staying at an airport hotel with an early morning flight, is to check in really early, then go back to bed for a few hours, get up, wash then straight through to the gate.

    In years gone by the Concierge would do it all for you and hand you the boarding card as you left. Sadly that’s not an option these days!

    Nice quirky review again uggboy. I stayed there when it was known as the Pan Pacific. Major problems trying to find the transfer bus to the LCC terminal next morning!


    July 2015, 3 stays

    When we planned our travel we wanted to stay at the Sama-Sama before and after our flights, because our previous experience ca. one and a half years earlier was very good. This review will include our 2nd, 3rd and 4th stay. If you want to read more about the facilities, please see the review from our first stay.

    The hotel has also won Best Luxury Airport Hotel in Asia in 2013.

    The decision what to book had been made for us, because the only room type available was a room on the Premier Floor with Premier Lounge access. One and a half years earlier it was the whole opposite and we were a bit disappointed, because we would have been even at that time interested in the Premier Floor.

    Since there was no information available on the website about the inclusions at the lounge we sent an email to the hotel. We received a quick, courteous reply with all the benefits included.

    We had three different locations for our check in. The first was at the baggage claim area of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We received a map and directions to the buggy pick up point of the hotel and the room keys.

    Another time we had check in at the Lobby Level of the Sama-Sama and once at the Premier Floor Lounge.

    No matter where we checked in all staff were friendly and efficient.

    Our rooms were located on the 9th floor. One had views over the entrance and the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) – like the lounge did on the same level -, the other two overlooked a soccer field and the runway.

    We could also see planes arriving and taking off when we had views over the ATC, but there was much more activity on the other side.

    The rooms seemed a bit larger than the standard rooms. The design was similar, though. The color scheme was black, red, brown, gold, modern Asian.

    There was a large wardrobe, flat screen TV and credenza, a writing desk with a stylish lamp, a king sized bed and a chaise lounge.

    The TV channels were regional and international. Our favorite was the Asian Food Channel.

    The artwork was photographs of different islands and locations within Malaysia in selective colors.

    There was also a coffee table with magazines, including Vision KL and KL100.

    The decoration had Malay influences and colorful pillows added to the homey feel of the room.

    All lights and blinds work via an iPad or on the touch of a button.

    In at least two of our rooms we had a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee machine. It wasn’t as easy to handle as a Nespresso machine, but we worked it out quickly and the results were delicious. We tried the Chai and the Viennese blend.

    A mini bar and 24 hours in room dining was also available.

    The free WIFI internet access was quick and reliable.

    Juices were priced at 19 to 28 MYR (ca. 4.50 Euro or 4.95 USD to 6.65 Euro / 7.30 USD), Evian or Perrier water at 20 MYR (ca. 4.75 Euro or ca. 5.20 USD) and Tiger Beer for 39 MYR, ca. 9.25 Euro or ca. 10.15 USD.

    Free water was daily provided.

    In room dining incl. international and local main courses started from 46 MYR (ca. 11 Euro or 12 USD).

    Moving on to the bathrooms. They were slightly different. Our first bathroom had a bath tub and separate shower. The other two a large shower only. They were all white and orange tiled and felt spacious and modern.

    Bathroom amenities were by Tanamera, a Malaysian company. The products were paraben free. We liked them very much, they smelled nicely and were of high quality.

    All wake up calls we received were punctual – two were automated, one was personal.

    The Premier Lounge was large with a classic interior and like the lobby festively decorated for Eid Mubarak. The artwork was contemporary and colorful.

    There was an internet corner, a small library with books and travel and lifestyle magazines.

    Guests could choose between restaurant and bar style seating.

    The reception desk faced directly the elevator bank and added additional security and a warm welcome when arriving. Lifts were only accessible by entering the keycard in a slot.

    During Happy Hour wine and other alcoholic beverages were served. We tried the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Both were very good and enjoyable.

    There were three to four hot items available, some dishes were local others international, like the chicken burger sliders, Teriyaki beef skewers, chicken goujons or fish and much more.

    Guests could choose from a cold selection as well, like crudities, cold cuts, cheese, salad, antipasti, different types of bread, fruits and cakes.

    At the entrance of the lounge is also a mini fridge. Guests can take soft drinks and water for free away. It doesn’t have to be consumed in the lounge.

    The Premier Lounge offerings could easily replace dinner.

    Breakfast was served buffet style for cold items and egg dishes, pancakes and French Toast were made to order.

    The quality was high and everything delicious.

    The staff was attentive and friendly.

    After our second stay the experience got tailor made. We were recognized by the buggy drivers, the bell captain, the receptionist and the staff of the Premier Lounge.

    Somehow the hotel figured out we preferred the view over the runway and a coffee machine over a bath tub, so the second and third room fit us better, or that we wouldn’t have additional spend in the hotel, because all our needs were covered.

    We will definitely stay here again in the future and recommend this hotel to anyone who’s looking for a superior experience at KLIA.

    We like many aspects at the Sama-Sama, from the friendly and efficient service, the food, the free buggy rides from the airport to the hotel and verse visa, the comfort of the rooms, the beautiful gardens and the pool, the check in facility at the luggage claim area of KLIA and the bathroom amenities.

    I think the Sama-Sama has improved since our first stay in November 2013. There was a time when the hotel was known to be the Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA but this was before our first stay. The hotel changed over from being a Pan Pacific to the local Sama-Sama brand in early 2013.

    Would we recommend this hotel to a friend? YES!
    Would we want to stay again at this hotel? YES!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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