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    Having spent the last 6 weeks commuting from Luton to Dublin, I have found Ryanair efficient, easy to use and on time 95% of the time.

    BA, Aer Lingus are you listening?


    To each his own.


    If this is a cry for help there are other, more suitable forums.

    The only compliment you can pay Ryanair is that it doesnt even try to hide what it thinks of its customers, unlike BA and the rest. They call it managing expectations. You dont expect much, they satisfy you.
    Sad world we live in


    Surely it’s a case of you get what you pay for. If you choose to pay next to nothing for cheap flights, you can’t expect much. Ryanair gets you from A to B, what more do you want for the price you pay?


    I have flown Gatwick or Stansted to Shannon return for 13 weeks and only one flight was late and that was on a day when there were very high winds in UK and when many BA and other short haul flights in Europe were cancelled.Some flights cost me 12 pounds return.There was no choice but to choose RyanAir as Aer Lingus pulled the plug on LHR-SNN services
    In my previous job I travelled over one million miles in a ten year period with Thai Airways usually in Economy-10 percent of the time they were excellent,40 percent not so bad but 50 percent of the time the service was very sour even given that I have been a Gold Card holder for over 9 years
    Ryan Air is exceedingly consistent in terms of offering what they describe as part of the offer-you know that you have to pay for drinks etc
    I was very surprised with BD on DUB-LHR to have to pay for food and drinks and my Star Alliance Gold Card counted for nothing
    Many flag carriers on long haul in economy are no better than low cost carriers


    What must also be remembered is that Ryanair serves a great many business routes which are not covered by the traditional airlines.

    Besides Ryanair, who else can fly you on useful routes like Eindhoven-Madrid, Manchester-Bremen or East Midlands-Budapest ?

    I guess a good number of passengers overlook any negative aspects of the Ryanair simply because this carrier is more convenient for their needs.


    I agree with Sean here, it’s priced at a basic cheap service and you get a basic cheap service. The crew are miserable, the check in staff rude and the head office operation indifferent but it is cheap !

    I avoid Ryanair and Easjet for the same reason as much as possible but there are times when they go somewhere I need to be so I put up with them. I think of it as the same as getting a bus in a city centre,


    Hallo Everyone

    I’ve just landed from a ryannair flight from Manchester, and I must say It was an amazing experience which I would deffinitly use again.
    The service was excellent, no long ques for check in, fast boarding and above all SUPER service, with brand new B737.
    I have flown with a lot of carriers, and at a time where all of them try to cut down on different things, ryannair still stays the same WITH NO EXTRA FUEL CHARGES above all.
    so keep up the good work, from a happy customer


    To those thinking highly of Ryanair, my experiences are far from it. The Oleary expression “you pay f.all, you get f.all” is of course the trademark of the airline. My experiences only:

    experience 1: Arriving at the airport about 1 hr early to get the 1st AM flight out. Check-in people waiting, while I wait for my colleague to park the car. I get an annoying blaf from the check-in ppl saying they will close the check-in (1 hr prior departure). I check in, get onto the plane no less then 15 mins later, plane leaves 30 mins early. Colleague stays behind.

    experience 2: The zoo at check-in leaves me to prefer waiting till everyone is on board. I get onto a full plane. Wonder, there is an emergency exit (s)eat available, the only seat still available in the plane. I want to take the seat only to see that someone threw up on the seat and floor. I inquire the hostess, who abruptly tells to sit down or leave the plane as there is no other seat. Neither of the attendants cared for the impossible condition of the seat. After 10 minutes of talking I got off the plane, naturally, and ryanair claimed I was responsible for delaying the flight. They wanted to press charges … and decided not to do so in the end.

    I will never, ever fly again with such airline. Just my “5 cents”, but I heard there are plenty of other horror stories which you would not get with any other airline, including other low costs. Remember, “you pay f.all, you get f.all”.


    I travelled on Ryanair and Easyjet before and I though they were ok until one day Ryanair cancelled their flight. I was told there were no flights to be rebooked on “here is your £5.00 you’ve paid for your ticket, there are no flights to rebook you today unfortunately you have to make your own way”. Nice one, tell me an airline you can get a cheap fare last minute? None. Never again and from what I’ve heard from friends Easyjet are the same

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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