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  • JohnnyG

    For Ryanair followers, of which I know there are many, it has been announced this morning that they have made an approach for Alitalia, should be interesting to see how things pan out.



    I don’t see why MoL would want to buy AZ, it makes no sense unless he wants to start long haul air travel. I think it’s just so he can examine the figures. I highly doubt he will buy it.

    If he does, of course, it will all end in tears!


    @LP It’s a good move to consider AZ assets, just as EasyJet has done the same thing. With such easy instant access to a fleet of Airbuses….of course Ryanair is a Boeing airline….and hundreds of experienced pilots instantly, it makes AZ very attractive at a “fire sale”.
    Every pilot has a hidden asset value of about £100,000. So the AZ pilots are worth a lot of money in a market which is very short of pilots at the moment.

    So, let’s have a collection and buy Alitalia!!


    Whilst AZ is not an airline I would seriously consider flying with, I may have to go to Brasil soon and AZ’s C class was by far the cheapest of all the EU airlines about half of KLM, for example). I suspect that indicates their loads and popularity.


    Thanks JohnnyG #820165 for that article in the Irish Times but the newspaper has come up with a follow-up article about the same.
    “Why Ryanair’s interest in bankrupt Alitalia is puzzling”


    It mentions that Etihad is one of the other nine interested parties which will face difficulties of increasing its 49% stake because it is a non-EU company. It would be interesting to know the other eight and how serious their interest is.

    A couple of points are worth highlighting
    “The Irish company said just weeks ago that it would take over Alitalia’s short-haul business and sell the Italian operator’s long-distance flights on its website.”………..” It sells Air Europa’s transatlantic flights on its website, so there should be no difficulty doing this for Alitalia.”…..and this quote from Ryanair´s website (21st June 2017)”We are continuing our discussions with Aer Lingus and Norwegian – and other potential partners – with a view to launching connections with them later this year as we continue to implement the latest round of upgrades to improve the customer experience.”

    So it appears that there is long-term strategic thinking about this move. Ryanair does see the need for aircraft, pilots and slots but is concerned about the sources which provide the passengers.This would be complemented by providing the service for connecting passengers. Ryanair does not want to get left alone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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