Riyadh to Tel Aviv DIRECT (a non political post)

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  • MartynSinclair

    A certain flight is currently en route from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Previous ‘direct’ flights, would have had to flight plan to an acceptable/recognised destination/country and then either land in that country for a few minutes or request and en route change to the flight plan destination, when in acceptable airspace.

    Todays flight is pretty unique as the take off clearance from Riyadh must have included, “cleared flight plan route destination”, by the departure controllers in Riyadh.

    I view today’s flight as a positive step for flights within the Middle East and would be very curious to see if any of the flight trackers have a copy of the flight plan and radar pictures of the route.


    Martyn when you are POTUS anything is possible. I doubt whether we will be seeing either EK or QR landing in TLV anytime soon, albeit bet they both would do a reasonable job…..

    Have flown the 35 mins between TLV and Amman before but dont know if that is still active


    TLV-AMM is still active.

    I’m led to believe (although haven’t validated) that previous USAF flights from Saudi Arabia to TLV have actually flown via Cyprus & the RAF facility there.


    With all the sickening brown-nosing that is going on in that part of the world, I am sure they figured something out for that man.


    A moment in history and trust not breaking the Official Secrets Act, during the Iraq,Kuwait war certain aircraft from near TLV wanted to cause mischief at KWI and were politely told by the USAF that if they overflew Saudi Arabia or Iraq they would be shot down! They turned back over Jordan I believe.


    It has been a very common occurrence to fly from Arab airspace to Israel by flight planning to Cyprus and then making an en route change to flight plan destination once outside of Arab airspace.

    This flight though was unique as it was flight planned from Riyadh to destination Tel Aviv.

    Even for POTUS, this was a challenge…

    Well done..


    Its a crazy messed up world….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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