Problems interlining with a common booking reference and ticket number

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  • TominScotland

    I am going to Casablanca from Glasgow next week. The booking has been made by a third party overseas and involves Loganair to Manchester, RAM to Casablanca and back to Heathrow and finally BA. The ticket has a single booking reference and number.

    On the outbound, I have 1 hour 40 minutes for a T3 to T2 transfer in Manchester and assumed that I could check my luggage through. Not so – on checking with Loganair, I am informed that they do not have an interline agreement with RAM and that I will need to collect my bag in MAN and then re-check it to Casablanca. On the return, I have what should be plenty of time in Heathrow so the problem should not arise.

    If there are delays etc. what are my rights here? I assume that with a through ticket I have certain rights but which airline has responsibility here? My inclination is to try and avoid a checked bag on my first leg, even if it is overweight/ sized and argue my circumstances?

    I have never transferred T3 to T2 in MAN – any advice? I take it I cannot do this airside?


    As far as I’m aware, if no interline agreement exists there are no rights.

    If an interline agreement exists then the last airline is responsible for any issues – presumably on return that is BA.


    I agree with Simon, you will have to collect baggage and check (so your idea of hand baggage sounds sensible).

    Loganair arrive at T3 and RAM depart from T2, whilst you can walk all the way (to avoid waiting for a bus) it’s quite a hike and would take about 15-25 mins (depending on how fast you can walk with a case).

    I don’t know what the MCTs are at MAN, as it’s my home port, but this link explains the process

    The other thing to consider is the length of the check in and security queues – it may be worth buying a Fast Track security ticket for T2 (if not flying business class).

    The real problem lies with the person who booked the ticket – it could be tight without an airside transfer, if the airport is very busy – otherwise, you should be okay.

    If you miss the flight, it would be an argument with Loganair if they were late and they should re-route you, but if it is sheer weight of pax slowing the system down, I’m not sure what the outcome would be.


    ‘Interlining’ as used here is not as simple as it might seem. It can mean all or any of several different things.

    There are interline ticketing agreements, i.e. ‘will airline B accept a ticket issued by airline A?’ Prior to ticket issuance, the issuing system will check the ticketing interline agreement tables and check that an agreement exists between the ticketing carrier and all carriers involved in onward transportation. Just to make it more complex, they are usually bilateral but can be unilateral. The tables are end-user accessible and are clear.

    This is a separate matter from baggage ‘interlining’ which determines under what circumstances a carrier may accept checked baggage for through check onto one or more subsequent carriers. This is bit more hit and miss than the above.

    Again separate is the question of missed connections. Generally if the passenger is on a ticket using an end to end fare, connections are, providing they meet MCTs, the responsibility of the delivering carrier. Where more than one ticket is issued, each one is treated as a separate contract, which is a good reason not to issue separate tickets to undercut through fares.


    Thanks for the helpful comments. I am now in Casablanca so the connection worked. I kept my luggage with me, it was not weighed in Glasgow and was loaded onto the plane at the steps as a valet bag, returned on arrival in Manchester. First flight with Loganair operating under their own brand – a very light load but pleasant service with tea/ coffee and a choice of snacks including the very Scottish taste of a Tunnocks wafer. On arrival, I took the transfer bus between terminals – it was called specifically for me and I was the only pax – and arrived airside in T2 with no further security check. As Royal Air Maroc do not allow online check-in from Manchester, my boarding pass was issued at the gate – “Ahh, you’re the transfer passenger, we were wondering where you were. We’ve never heard of Loganair…….” My first RAM flight experience, incidentally, was fine. A well-worn 737-800 but good service in Economy with a delicious beef tangine as the star item on the menu. There appeared to be many passengers transferring to onward flights in Casablanca, both domestic and further afield in West Africa. Arrived bang on time BUT a horror queue at Immigration with no/ limited aircon in the arrivals area – 90 minutes later, I was landside….

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