Over 6ft? DVT risk increases five-fold

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  • canucklad

    Totally agree Peter, and apologies before hand for harping on about something I’ve said before but I get the feeling that the proliferation of PE cabins is just a way for airlines to blackmail us away from their absolutely dire “Y” offering.
    I’m with LP on this, cut the PE’s out and I’d happily pay 10% more just to be treated like a normal human being and not a dwarf sized stick insect !!


    Quite agress that Y+ is expensive at full price. But when offered as an upgrade offer then the value is there.

    BA quoted E.Canon2014 £250 to upgrade on LHR-HKG flying the A380.



    @ canucklad – 27/11/2015 14:51 GMT

    You might, but most price sensitive travellers are not – which is why the offering (both hard and soft) at the back has progressively deteriorated. And it is the unwillingness of some to sit like a tinned sardine (and who are prepared/able to pay more) that has propelled the growth in PE offerings. Yes, you’d be pretty lucky to find one for only another 10% but airlines presumably price the seat space and know the price elasticity of demand for such seats.

    There is an argument I came across years ago whilst at LBS, that it’s the economy passengers with their fixed itineraries, ever shrinking space and “there’s one menu option: it’s chicken or chicken…” etc who are “subsidising” (?!) those at the pointy end with their flex-tickets and ever improving sleeper seats and fully catered menu options.

    I leave it to others with a better understanding of airline economics/yields/RASK & CASK to state whether there is any validity to the argument or whether it’s hogwash.


    My back of envelope calculation was if you give everyone 10% more room and therefore reduce the overall number of seats by 10%, then charge 10% more and your revenue is the same but everyone is more comfortable?

    As there are no published fares anymore, do people know if the’re paying more or not?


    LP, your envelope calculations are probably a bit simplistic,but theoretically you’re in the ball park.
    For me, it’s time for yet another metaphor. Airlines ,with a few exceptions have changed their attitude to us. Blood and stones come to mind,driven by greed, yet we grudgingly accept paying for things that used to be provided as part of the service. .
    Why we as consumers accept it defies logic,but we do,and this just encourages the bean counters to recognize even more bizarre ways to screw us over.

    Just look at the charges that BA have euphemistically marketed as added benefits……

    Paying to guarantee seats together
    Edible food
    HBO fares

    And,by the way I’m not having a go at BA,…..EI & KL plus many more are just as culpable as the culture of shareholders greed replaces a great customer service experience.


    @canucklad – 29/11/2015 08:51 GMT

    But in our new model democracy, err economy, “we’re all shareholders now….” Err, aren’t we?!


    Agree Canucklad, but what can we do. You have to go to BKK for example. Fare booked, extras selected. Payment. Method? That will be £5 or Francs please! So what do we do. Cancel it. But we have to go. Call up. Pay up or stay at home is the choice they give you. I have a choice so I’ll stay. Oh! I’ve got meetings so have to go!

    That’s the dilemma. Some airlines do allow you to make a direct bank payment but then you lose the Amex benefits and Miles that go with it.

    What we need is a passenger union that is strong enough to instruct its members to boycott say BA till they remove certain charges. That would work and other airlines would quickly follow suit. But that will never happen and the leaders will likely be put on no fly lists as a danger to the airline!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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