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  • Anonymous


    To: <a href="“>
    Cc: <a href="“>
    Sent: Saturday, 15 August, 2009 1:52:16
    Subject: Official Complaint

    Dear Mdm/Sir,

    I am writing to bring your attention of your so called 5 star service airlines. I have helped my family of 4 booking your esteemed carrier tickets to SIN from HKG on the 14th Aug The check-in agent refused to let 2 of them boarded the plane due to the discrepancies on their names appeared on your booking system. I had provided accurate information to the travel agent who helped purchased the tickets. It was their and yours fault in not spotting such discrepancies before issuing the e-tickets.

    I have no reasons whatsoever to shoulder extra charges due to the discrepancies. Your check in agent and the travel agent demanded $ 3000 in changing the names! It was pretty obvious such unpleasant experience shouldn’t take place in the first place. It was not my fault at all and this penalty you imposed upon onto my family is unreasonable and unethical. You might also as well consider expunging the agent in selling tickets on your behalf. They are unprofessional as well as your check-in staff.

    This awful experience prompt me not to travel on you airlines in the future. We are all frequent travellers on other prestigious carriers and never in our life experienced such ridiculous incidents.

    Please see below for your reference. Booking References JXXXXL, JPXXXX respectively.

    This is an email confirmation of your internet check-in. Your travel itinerary and details are listed below.

    Flight Departs Arrives

    SQ0859 Hong Kong(HKG – Hong Kong Terminal 1) Singapore(SIN – Changi Intl)
    14 Aug 2009, 10:30 14 Aug 2009, 14:10

    Passenger Name and Seat Number

    2. MR XXXGSHXXHKSAR WONG 53GThis is an email confirmation of your internet check-in. Your travel itinerary and details are listed below.

    Flight Departs Arrives

    SQ0859 Hong Kong(HKG – Hong Kong Terminal 1) Singapore(SIN – Changi Intl)
    14 Aug 2009, 10:30 14 Aug 2009, 14:10

    Passenger Name and Seat Number


    Please take note the name MR KXXGSXXXHKSAR WONG and MS XXXHKSAR CHAN. How could you issue such an e-ticket??? It is pretty obvious HKSAR is not their name but the passports 2 of them are holding. The other 2 doesn’t pose any problems apparently they are holding different kind of passports.

    This kind of silly mistakes will not happen to carriers we frequently travel on CX, UA, QR, BA. SQ is one of a kind and doesn’t bother to provide decent services to their passengers.

    SQ services is undeniably going downhill and we will definitely not chose to travel on SQ in our life time. Besides, as a decade old SQ minority shareholders, it is a wake-up call for me to forgo my decade old investment in the Company since your operations and management no longer possess any common senses.

    A hard copy will be delivered to Mr Chew Choon Seng @ fax 65-6X4X-6XXX



    In the end, 4 of them had decided to travel together on the next available flight which was over 3 hours behind their original schedule. Moreover, the travel agent touted us $ 3000 and claimed that it was SQ policies to rectify the problems which in the first place caused by them and Singapore Airlines and not US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fellow travellers based in China and HK, please do not get duped by . And if you want hassle free travel in Asia, better opt for carriers like CX, TG, JL, CI………………Avoid travelling with SQ because they are going to make your journeys miserable 🙁


    Croesusplw I suggest you edit your first post on this topic immediately. To remove the five letter booking references and personal name details you have published for anybody and everybody to see on the internet. You have potentially given somebody less honourable enough information to able to access your SQ bookings and make other changes or cancel them without your knowledge.

    If there is no return segment then there may be no harm done. But it’s not worth the risk if you are still following up the dispute with SQ.


    Frequent Traveller, Thanks for your reminder. I was so furious last night and had overlooked the security issues.


    It is the responsibility of the passenger to always make sure that the names , details are correct. How you can miss such an error as the name is incorrect? Ok, so equally to blame is the travel agent who couldnt’ read english properly in the first place. But as the error is with the travel agent, and not with SQ, you should take this matter up with them.

    SQ can only adhere boarding to what is on the reservation. If it was an error and of which it was spotted in time, then the ticket must be reissued by the travel agent. There would not be any additional charge because it was an error made by the travel agent and not by you. SQ cannot just change the booking even at the airport, because they did not issue the ticket.

    You would unfortunately have to claim this against the travel agent.


    Both SQ and the travel agent should be responsible for the incident !!!

    20 August 2009


    Dear Ms Wong,

    SQ859/ 14 August 2009, Hong Kong – Singapore
    SQ856/ 19 August 2009, Singapore – Hong Kong

    First and foremost, please accept our sincere apologies for not being able
    respond to you earlier as our investigations took longer than expected.
    you very much for your kind patience while we looked into the matter you

    Upon receipt of your correspondence, we have initiated an investigation
    our Airport Office in Hong Kong and our Ticketing Office in Guangzhou.

    Allow me to explain that the passenger name on the air ticket must be same
    the one shown in passenger’s passport. Ticket has to be reissued if
    is found. We are very sorry that your travel agent had input the names for
    Chan Wan and Mr Wong King Shun wrongly and the discrepancy was not realized

    during the internet check-in process subsequently. As explained by our
    ground-handling staff to passengers at the check-in counter, Singapore
    had to charge a ticket reissuance fee of HKD500 each for Mr Chan and Mr
    As Mr Chan and Mr Wong preferred to liaise with their travel agent in
    direct, the subsequent ticket re-arrangement was taken over by your travel

    We acknowledge the inconvenience Mr Chan and Mr Wong were put through as a
    result of the ticket reissuance requirement. We understand you had
    an extra cost of CNY3,000 on this occasion. Our Ticketing Office in
    has got in touch with your travel agent in order to resolve the issue on
    behalf as soon as possible. Singapore Airlines is prepared to reimburse you

    100% of your out-of-pocket expenses incurred, i.e., HKD3,372 (equivalent to

    CNY3,000). Your agent will no longer offer the 50% reimbursement to you
    separately. We will settle the bill internally with your agent afterwards.
    we may clarify, your agent has been informed of the above arrangement.

    In order for us to do so, we would be grateful if you could provide your
    name as shown in your bank account opened in Hong Kong, complete the
    Release and Indemnity Form and send it to the following address:

    Thank you for allowing me to explain matters, Ms Wong, and our apologies
    again for the disappointment and unintended upset caused. We hope that you

    will give us the opportunity to serve you better.

    Yours sincerely,
    Administration Manager


    Looks like you’ve got a fairly satisfactory settlement here. Good for you.


    Talking about the Singapore airlines which suppose to be the best in asia.. seems success has gotten into their head… for many years loyal to SQ I have finally given up flying with them. My last experience with them Business class flight Singapore to Delhi sq 406 which I regularly take Boeing B777 with flat bed seats and mind you it costs a bundle, but April 06 they changed it to a regular aircarft with no flat bed seats. several of us taking the middle of the night flight look for 6 hour sleep before getting into delhi and go to our meetings, we all got upset. when complained we were offered S$150 as a compensation… wow how rude and offending that is… shame on SQ. I with my family and staff has decided to boycott SQ and take our business somewhere else, surprisingly CX is giving excellent service so far… Etihad is another surprisingly great carrier. I should say thank you SQ for giving me the chance to try other airlines….


    Surprisingly SQ decided to ignore this email of mine….

    shean Bedi to SAA_Feedback
    show details Apr 8
    Thank you for your email and the offer of the voucher of S$150. Still this does not compensate for the inconvenience and the disappointment.
    Instead of getting a good sleep for 6 hours I got into Delhi tired and affected my work. This is important to me and that is why I take your flight but this incident has left me upset and my decision to take that flight in future is affected. I am flying out from Delhi on the 16th and have chosen CX instead as to be sure I do not have the same problem. Sorry to say your explanation does not satisfy me. You may have operational problem but its your problem not mine. I paid for a ticket with expectations of a flat bed and you failed to provide that, this is as simple as this. I even find your offer of 150 voucher very offending.


    Hey Shean, SQ is not the same anymore… You just confirmed my sentiments too.. had similar experience and SQ people are rude now instead of making up for the mistake they offered me $100 for my troubles, I was furious… hell with them. Perhaps in our next Asian planning session you should tell everyone to stop flying SQ anyway we all are happy with CX. By the way yes I flew Etihad Paris to Manila and yes it was an awesome experience in their Business class.. What a surprise.
    This August for our trip, Etihad is offering $2000 business class roundtrip Manila-Paris-Manila.. lets all of us take that… let SQ suffer


    to be fair I post SQ email response:


    08 April 2011

    Dear Mr Bedi

    Thank you for travelling with us on flight SQ406 to Delhi on 06 April.

    We are very sorry to learn of your disappointment as we were unable to
    deploy a
    refurbished Boeing B777 aircraft to service the abovementioned flight due
    operational reasons. The decision was taken to deploy another aircraft at
    last minute to service the flight in order to maintain a normal schedule
    minimise disruptions to our customers.

    We are aware that aircraft and flight schedule changes inconvenience our
    passengers. May we assure you that as a rule, we do not change the aircraft

    planned to service a flight. If we do, it is usually due to operational
    which are at times, unavoidable. We acknowledge that the conventional cabin

    products might not meet our customers’ expectations and would like to
    apologise to you once again, for your less than satisfactory experience. We

    would like to ask for your understanding, Mr Bedi.

    As a token of our apologies for your experience, we would like to present
    with an inflight voucher for S$150. The voucher can be used to purchase
    inflight sales items on board our flights or through mail order at Please let us know if would like us to send the

    voucher to the address

    Editor , any comment on this ?


    The issue of “which business class product” is one buying is interesting as I can not think of any other product in the $3 – 5,000 bracket that one could purchase blind! i.e. not knowing for certain what you are actually buying.

    I accept that airplanes go tech and aircraft can be switched for “operational reasons”, but I do think it is totally unreasonable to be under the impression, by the airlines marketing, to believe you are purchasing a “flat or even angled bed” yet end up with a what i can only presume was a cradle seat.

    No other business could get away with this kind of marketing – if it wasnt for the lawyers small print within the t & c, it really is fraud! Marketing one product, yet supplying another…….

    So, how to overcome – I think airlines should have a fixed level of compensation especially for long haul flights, where products bought are not purchased.

    How would this be monitored, easy, flat and angled bed products verses cradle/standard products. In other words, I accept that an upgrade from angled to flat that wasnt provided, is minor, against believing you are being sold a flat/angled and ending up with a cradle or upright seat for 10 hours!!

    As for the man with the name change issue – the lesson is to check the booking before hand and go back to the original selling agent.


    O my, and I thought Singapore airlines is the best in Airline industry… How could they do this… if one pays a hefty amount for Business class which I know is a lot at Singapore Airlines, expectations of the passenger must be met accordingly. I will rather double check and sue them if needed for committing such a fraud. I can understand they could have operational challlenges at times but then again it is their problem and not of the passenger, least they can do is provide reasonable compensation. Luckily I did experience with Cathay once the same situation and when I complained I was compensated with free upgrade to my next flight of same distance or less… so for me thank you Cathay for not treating me as SQ did… S$ 150 ? that is a joke… yes I would say do not fly the airline, SQ probably being on the top for a while, they lost touch with reality.. its the passengers make them to be on the top.


    I’ve always insist on flying SQ as I believe it’s the best in it’s class and will always be. One I’m a Singaporean, two I believe it has the best safety record and last good services. However last Friday 1 July was not exactly an experience I want to remember though even when I’m flying on one of the newest Plane, an Airbus A300-330. On SQ609 from Incheon to S’pore, I had to cover my ears in search of comfort to protect my poor ears from the screeching noise from the PA system whenever a public announcement was made. You can imagine what it’s like when you are sound asleep OMG! What to do right when you are stuck with this problem 10000 meters above ground. Another was the attentiveness of the stewardess. I had requested for a cup of water and biscuits which was acknowledged but never delivered. I hope SQ will improve on the PA system and improve, reinforce etc the service level of the staff. Providing smiles and lip service is not good enough it has to be sincere. There is one complement I wish to make, that is either the pilot or design of the craft landing system is the best I had even experince on both my recent flights.

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