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  • Tom Otley

    Article by Giles Coren in The Times

    Welcome aboard this giant metal tube of death

    If every airline went the way of Monarch we’d be spared a lot of foul air, pointless holidays and giant chocolate bars


    Superb writing by a master of hyperbolic bullshit and yet most of what he says is so true.

    Unfortunately for most of us flying, with all the unpleasantness of the peripherals, is a necessary evil, in my case to travel between South Africa and Europe several times a year, there really isn’t a practical alternative other than the odd cruise.

    For my shorthaul travel I often manage to find, and enjoy, surface transport which is usually a more pleasant experience than airports and flying. It’s also usually costlier, an irony since in the days of my youth, trains and boats were for those on strict budgets, with flying in the 1960s and 70s costing 15-20 times in real terms what it costs now.

    Cheap flights have ruined many lovely places, bringing in hordes of low budget, low class, obese chavs and their badly behaved offspring. Fortunately there are still some exclusive places ………..


    Makes a point ‘though the pollution is mostly caused by the drive to and from airports and I’ve always needed holidays in a warm climate. Get chocolate from Lidl and only duty free at the airport!
    Wright brothers are still great heroes and have made the world smaller and brought civilisations together and now we can all afford to make the world our oyster.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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