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    In my quest to no longer be a Wanabee, I am booking F to Miami. Choice is between BA or AA (new 777-300). Is there much to choose between them? I do fancy using the concorde Room but apart from that, canĀ“t see much difference. Any advise appreciated.


    Overall I would plug for BA before AA for first, though AA’s new Business product is light years ahead of Club World.

    I think the Concorde Room is great and, lounges aside, T5 is a much better experience than T3.

    My note of caution would simply be this: the Miami route is notorious for its prevalence of BA’s oldest 747s which have a first seat which is nearly 20 years old. I’m not sure that it’s – ahem – how I would choose to lose my F virginity.

    Hope that helps.


    Not a very high percentage of new first to MIA: –


    AA, no brainer.

    I am amazed and appalled to have to write that.


    BA209 to Miami is an 80% chance of New First.

    Maybe take that out and either 208 back, or AA?


    I often do BA F to Miami and have been lucky. Almost always new F. I’m not sure AA have the new 777 on this route though?

    If you are going when BA fly 3 x daily then the last flight is a 777 – which is always new F. So I would choose that.

    Funnily enough I’ve just booked a trip for 2014 and I’m doing BA F out (747) hoping for new F but manly because I will be awake for a more UK centric IFE, better wines and also Concorde room. Im doing AA back, mainly because its the last flight home of the day, but will mainly be sleeping, so the frills are less important.

    Point of order – the oldest 747s in the fleet are 20 years old – but the original F seats were quite different to Old F (a 2×2 type layout if i recall). So the plane may be old, but even in old F, the seat somewhat less. They are refurbished regularly as well you know?!


    So spending that much money or miles….I would certainly go for AA.

    The old metal of BA, a cramped F class, mediocre food….no way, BA.


    “So spending that much money or miles….I would certainly go for AA.

    The old metal of BA, a cramped F class, mediocre food….no way, BA.”

    To add to the above, on my last F flight with BA (less than 2 months ago), I rang the call bell 3 times in 10 mins and got no response, had to flag down the CSD (who had not bothered to introduce himself) to get a glass of water as were were strapped in, in light turbulence.

    It reflected the ‘skill’ of the crew and the whole service was very poor.

    At least the seats were new F.


    The current format of F seats was introduced in 94 or 95, referred to then as “private demi-cabins”. So perhaps we should now refer to them as “very old first”, allowing the more recent iteration to become “less old first”.


    Wouldn’t bother with First on AA would save some money or Avios a fly their simply stunning business class. You can comfort yourself with knowing you have saved money and sitting in a space equivalent in many ways to BA first.

    From what saw through the curtain the AA first product is very good but really it is no longer necessary when you have such a superb seat in business.


    esselle – 25/08/2013 06:43 GMT

    Unfortunately “Very old first” and “Less Old First” don’t exactly trip off the tongue so would suggest more marketable terms as…
    “Wizened First” and “Venerable First”


    Make sure it is a new 777 on the Miami run. If so then AA which is odd to say. Also consider J class or J out F back.


    It will not be a new AA 777 on the Miami flight. The only routes for the new aircraft are shown here:

    You need to see 77W on the timetable to get the new planes/seats. References to 777, 772 or 773 are the old planes/seats


    Looks like Mia will get one 777w from Jan 1st 2014.

    AA 56 MIA 1905-0840+1 LHR 77W Daily
    AA 57 LHR 1105-1600 MIA 77W Daily

    Thanks to flyer talk for details.

    NB shows operation only till jan7 but this is because schedule or all routes not loaded beyond that date.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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