No caller ID calls when travelling…. (help needed please)

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  • MartynSinclair

    I use a Samsung s8+ (android) and my network is EE.

    I am finding more and more spam calls are leaving voicemail messages on mobile/cell especially when travelling (even though they are rejected/blocked numbers).

    I am looking for a solution to cover….

    **All unidentified calls (i.e. no caller ID) rejected but not sent to voicemail – without affecting identified callers who I am very happy and keen to encourage to use voicemail.

    Samsung does have call blocking – but it blocks and diverts to voicemail. I have tried 3rd party software Buzz Off, but this also sends the blocked calls to voicemail.

    I would be very happy to pay for software or an app that is able to block all unidentifiable calls and not send to voicemail.

    Many thanks if you can help…


    I am also on EE Martin and have the same issue, in Hk seems ok, but in China its only about 30% have the correct ID and in VN about 60%. however my China Sim when roaming comes up with numbers and locations from anywhere but the correct one, My VN sim shows 100% correct every where. very odd!

    Anyway, i think this is an EE issue, I buy as use roaming pack (brought my monthly costs down from around 1000 GBP to under 150!) but they keep changing the deals, fly into HK one week and its a 7 pay package, fly in a few weeks later and its a 3 day, or 24 hrs



    The logic of call blockers is that they blacklist the caller ID and then reject calls from it.

    AFAIK, there is no app that can block numbers on the basis of having no ID – but I’m not that au fait with smartphones, so don’t rely on this comment.

    One method of stopping the calls would be to use an app like this one

    You would need to block all calls, then add your contacts as a whitelist – there are some obvious downsides to this approach, since you may inadvertently block genuine calls and not be aware that someone is seeking to contact you.

    Another way would be to get a handset with dual sim card provision and to use one line for trusted people, whilst using the other for general calls and deliberately not setting up a voicemail – again, not without downsides.

    I know how annoying this can be, good luck with working it out.


    Martyn, I found this, but don’t know if it is working, or just I’m being lucky in not receiving no caller ID calls!

    Create a new contact called something like Non-Caller or No-Caller
    Enter 000-000-0000 for the phone number.
    Scroll down and select Block this Caller
    This should stop calls from calls that come from “zero” numbers.

    Have you also seen ?


    My solution to the problem is to have a SIM for each of the four countries I travel to regularly. I give the number(s) only to those who might need them.

    On my main phone, my outgoing voice message starts :
    “If this is any kind of unsolicited or sales call, do not leave a message, do not call again, and hang up now,. (PAUSE) If not, thank you for calling ………. etc.”


    My solution is simply not to answer any calls that do not show the number. I’ve also cancelled my voice mail as when roaming it can be expensive to access.
    If anyone needs to get me they all know I’m available on WhatsApp and that’s the best medium to reach me.

    Not very hi tech I agree, but it works for me!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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