New JetBlue Transcon A321 – Incredible for a loco

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    Just look at the suites on this little baby.


    You’ll need to scroll down a little.


    And only $999 each way FF or $599 discounted

    If only other longer flights offered this in NA


    Great, just GREAT !


    If you read the whole link, you can see that even their standard Y seating is 32-34″ pitch cf the 30″ that now appears standard in Europe. Yet another example of how the trend in the US is towards greater comfort and in the EU to less comfort. I am praying for the day when one of the EU airlines will have the balls to copy the US!

    Very impressive indeed…and I love the various tailfin designs.


    Bath_VIP – 04/01/2014 11:32 GMT

    IMHO, the USA lost the plot on air travel from the late 80s, post deregulation and it is only many years later that the market has finally forced enough of the old dinosaurs to extinction, to create a sustainable business environment, where the remainder can prosper.

    Airlines like JetBlue are innovating and showing how to cope with a changing market, despite going through some financial troubles a while ago.

    In Europe, some of the legacy airlines need to die or change, to smell the coffee and get on th ebus.

    Cue the usual apologists pointing to one good year at a certain airline group as evidence they are thriving.

    The legacy airlines are in trouble, becasue they do not offer good value for money compared to the locos.

    As JetBlue have shown, you can find a profitable niche.

    Martyn Sinclair suggested that BA should form an alliance with easyJet and focus on long haul, where the economies of scale are very different and where they have decades of experience; I’ve heard of worse ideas than that.



    All good points but I think the issues in Europe are more than the legacy v loco issue. None of the locos in Europe are innovating on comfort, it is all about price. This is the bit that bugs me about the EU airlines at the moment. It seems that price is everything rather than value. That may be the state of the market at the moment in the EU whereas is the US, it seems to be more about value. Certainly my experience in 2013 is that fares in EU have been cheaper than the US over comparable distances.


    Bath_VIP – 04/01/2014 13:13 GMT

    I agree, but don’t you think that de-regulation was much earlier in the US than in the EU and it will take a little longer for the transformation to come?

    It would not surprise if Norwegian was the innovator, I dont think easy Jet will, as they are in their comfort zone, but a little kick from someone may help 🙂 To be fair to Vueling, they ghave offered their ‘Duo’ (middle seats free, in rows 1-3) fares for a few years.


    The pictures look very good and probably comfortable. I would have to compare the fare of a legacy carrier before booking though.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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