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    Having flown easyJet many times, yesterday I flew EZY for the first time to Luxembourg from Malpensa T2 on this relatively new route. At the mo, there are only 2 routes to LUX, the other being LGW.

    I must admit I was very impressed. Although I hadn’t paid extra for the seat of my choice, I was allocated 1C with lots of room to stretch my pins. The all-Italian CC were very friendly and the flight lasting just under 1 hour was v pleasant.

    I can’t recommend highly enough the flexi fares which in some cases are little more than the standard fares.

    And if anyone from EZY is reading this, I am convinced Oporto would do very well from LUX.


    What is the link between Oporto and Luxembourg?


    From my time living in a village in Portugal (towards the north in Luso) I was surprised how many cars had a Luxembourg number plate. I believe there is a fairly large population of Portuguese in Luxembourg.

    You are right Tim. At least 15% of the total population.



    Please forgive me, I have flown Easyjet many times, and I do not have a problem with Easyjet, they deliver what they say.

    I can not in my opinion express strongly enough, that BA are light years in front of easyjet, it is just a matter of what you want, I cheque in at club, can check in 2 bags upto 23 Kilo’s, fastrack security, excellent lounge, regardless of what you lot say.

    Then we come on to the scrum they call boarding,

    I rest my case.

    Good evening? pomerol

    There is no longer a scrum to board an easyJet flight as all passengers have an allocated seat.

    Just compare a flexible fare BA vs EZY!

    Having said that, I would be reluctant to book a flight on easy over 3 hours.

    Where do you live in France? Excuse me for being nosy!


    The quiet re-positioning and growth of easyJet has been astonishing.

    Regardless of whether one likes the product or not (and that is a matter of personal choice) the airline is now the largest UK carrier by passenger numbers.

    Quite an achievement for a company that started off with 2 leased 737-300 and a call centre. just over 20 years ago.

    I agree with Alexpo, over 3 hours would become less attractive, I couldn’t imagine a LON-SSH or TLV sector being very pleasant on non-reclining seats.


    The Bordeaux service ex LGW does not have the most convenient flight times for me, so I am happy to fly with EZ. However the ‘billi’ terminal for LCCs is dreadful. Fortunately I travel with just hand luggage, so I can head straight to the cramped gates. Those with luggage have the unfortunate pleasure of slow moving long lines to get their luggage from the check in desk to security & the baggage handlers. Chairs at the cramped gates are in very short supply.


    Must say pomerol for someone who has flown with Easyjet “many times” you seem to be quite poorly informed.

    All seats have been allocated for some time now (there is no scrum on boarding). If you buy a speedy boarding ticket there is a separate priority check in. Arrive at the airport early for a return flight and you can change free of charge. Aircraft much younger than some of those antiques BA fly around. And how many people really travel with 2 x 23kg bags?

    Ideally I wouldn’t use them for more than 3 hours, then again I wouldn’t want to use BA economy either and if you fly club the costs are higher.


    I’m half expecting easyJet to start to include refreshments in their fares… it does seem to be coming full circle…


    Booked EasyJet EDI – MXP for a group of us and put the incorrect name on one of them (his surname is similar to mines and I gave him my surname). Noticed when I got the email confirmation and I had to input the passport info, called them and they changed it FOC with no fuss.

    Flew with them at the end of May EDI – NCE and had to change 2 flights / twice – all done online at a modest cost and no fuss at all.

    So, I’ve found my experience with them lately to be “Making-my-life-Easy-on-a-Jet”.




    My experience also.

    I have relatively low expectations and they are usually met or exceeded and I find them good VFM.


    The general rule on Easyjet with names is that if you inform them within 24 hours of making the booking they will change for free (which is very friendly) – other large European carriers (I’m not taking a pop at BA here as they are actually a “better” one on names) wouldn’t allow a name change under any circumstance to correct a digit in the name – or even in the title (missing the S in MRS). Also if you book the wrong flight they’ll generally waive the change fee in this time period as well. As an agent they are amazingly good to work with and mostly very helpful (and as an agent don’t charge us 51p per minute to call them like BA do if we have a question).

    On the point of flying with them – I have flown with them a lot and can’t say anything bad about them – especially now they have allocated seating. They are generally cheaper than traditional carriers (though not always), normally quite punctual and fly to “proper” airports. I have flown with them to Marrakech and that was a long drag – but bearable and not sure how flying on another carrier in economy would make that much difference. I can get nice food at the airport or from home and take onboard anyway.

    As always horses for courses – if you normally fly Club then it is a bit of a shock I guess – but over 98% of customers flying within Europe are economy passengers so the general travelling public I guess have lower expectations than those who are used to Business Class and the Premium Offerings.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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