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    With Qantas showing the film Flight, featuring a plane crash in the opening scene, the telegraph lists other inappropriate in flight films.
    No idea how Dambusters made it into the list yet Blessed Stranger: After (Swissair) Flight 111 did not.
    Are there more?

    For balance, the films which have been deemed by BA to inspire travel…


    ‘Alive’ – True story of a sth american sports team crash-landing in the Andes and eating the dead in order to stay alive. Think it had a young-ish ethan Hawke in it anguishing over which prime-cut to take from the rump of a dead team-mate.

    ‘The Grey’ – Alaskan roughnecks heading back to civilisation crashland and are picked-off by marauding wolves. Liam Neeson doing his best to keep everyone alive. Unrelentingly depressing. Saw in on a LHR-JNB sector a year or so ago and put me into a funk for the remainder of the flight…


    Historically without doubt this is the winner,,,,

    AC s flagship 747 route between YYZ & YVR in the 70’s …

    The poor passengers had to endure “Airport 75” …In summary watch a jumbo…

    1) Take-off on a trans continental flight as normal
    2) Suffer a mid-air collision with a Cessna
    3) Pilot gets sucked out-other pilot incapacitated
    4) Stewardess & passenger try and land plane
    5) Not before almost crashing into the Rockies

    Now consider that the AC 747 en-route to YVR also had to cross the Rockies and more importantly in the 70’s the screen was on the bulkhead…for all to see ….including nervous flyers !

    If MasterCard did…..LOL


    I was on a flight to EWR a couple of years ago where the in-flight movie was Contagion (for the uninitiated, it’s about Gwyneth Paltrow killing the world after bringing back a super virus to the US after a trip to China). Normally this would pass without comment but there was a passenger in CW with the worst hacking cough I’ve heard in years and you could tell who’d been watching the film by the wide berth they were giving him. At one point I thought there was going to be a mutiny and they’d push him outside the craft.



    Oh dear…. Clearly no news in August if they are running this. Of the top 7 have 6 on planes ( not sure how the DAmbusters got on the list).

    None of the films are particularly good but I could not see any of them being inappropriate.


    I also remember watching Airport 75 on a Sabena flight from Jeddah to Brussels also shown on the bulkhead screen.

    On top, this flight was full of thirsty oil workers wanting a beer or six! Sabena had forgotten to load the alcohol in Brussels so a near riot ensued on a very dry flight!!!

    No wonder they got the moniker, “Such A Bad Experience Never Again”!


    Fahrenheit 911

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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