Monday funday: BA captain in naked cockpit selfie scandal!

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  • TheLion

    Saw this on a-net earlier; felt I absolutely had to share as it’s 100% guaranteed to brighten up your day!…y-cockpit-pics

    Gives a new meaning to cockpit, though I pity this fool using his tool while supposed to be flying a plane and keeping his passengers safe!

    Endless gags (gagging?) to follow, guaranteed…

    Apology and Warning: Link to the awful S*n rag was necessary here, as it was the only uncensored source. Apologies to anyone in the football or other community they have denigrated over the years. I despise this dirty paper as much as you do, however this one was too good to not link to!


    But where was the Co-pilot? Something fishy here and I don’t really believe it.


    Not sure this is real


    As “Nan” from the Catherine Tate show would say……..
    “What a load of ****** *****”

    On the same theme, but,and no apologies for the puns ….my mate told us a story about a Canadian colleague.
    Whilst taxing his aircraft at YYZ he saw a sister ship arriving and passing on a parralel taxiway, he briefly whipped down his breeks and mooned the other flight crew, to much hilarity in both cockpits. Sadly when he arrived back at his home base he took a severe spanking from the senior reporting captain. Apparently a control tower chap witnessed his cheeky comic crack and reported it back to the airline.


    After reading the first post on this thread, I’m just glad that the cockpit is out of view these days behind locked doors…

    canucklad, your story from YYZ, and the “control tower chap” reporting it back to the airline, really made me laugh!



    All the lols! Some people just take life too seriously sadly 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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