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    All of these hotel schemes work best when you don’t have to waste time going on to their sites, finding out your points for stays have either not been added/or have been done so incorrectly. Then you have to spend time faxing off copies of bills to get things sorted out. Given that I always book my stays with the hotels’ main website directly – through my account – it always amazes me how they get it wrong.
    Hilton, Radisson and ICHotels should be applauded, Marriott – who are my favourite chain in all other regards and therefore the one with whom I have both most stays and a rewards-linked credit card – are absolutely the worst. Last stay they didn’t recognise it at all, this time they have given me 199 points, the equivalent of me spending £16 during my entire stay (including room rate). Disappointing.


    The Sheraton are very good at posting points and if you plan a conference with them they all on the ball. Radisson forgets more often then they post and Marriott (you are right) forget most of the time.
    However the priority club covering the Intercontinental group are very good. They also are the fatest point accumulator of any hotel loyalty cards to redeem your award nights


    Not a single problem with Hilton or Priority Club in probably 15 years. What do you expect of Marriott? They’re the ones that have banned smoking in all their hotels in the U.S. Talk about arrogant??! With that attitude, how could they be bothered to credit proper points to their loyal clients?


    Update on my points situation – see original post – I sent an e-mail to customer services, they apologised, they said they would get me my points without me having to fax anything off. And they chucked in 1,500 points as an apology.
    I have to say I can’t be unhappy with that response – but if they do it again after my next stay….


    I always produce my loyalty card at checkin and ask if its in the system. Then once a month my PA checks on line statements, to date (Maybe should not say this) I’ve never had a problem, yes sometimes they take a couple of weeks to come through, but to be honest they always get there. But I suppose if you need to spend them quickly, this may not help.


    Daniel et al,

    I’m too a loyal Marriott fan and unfortunately the missing points issue is a regular one. However, asyou might know the points are submitted from the hotel you stayed, and central office then put it on the system. So when missing points I just give the hotel a call directly, and kindly remind them to send/ fax the relevant bill to the Marriott Rewards office. It works for me.


    Been a member of both SPG & Hilton for many years and lately Priority Club.

    Can only remember having a problem with one or two PC stays in the last 12 months, but sorted out with Custom Service over the phone.

    Like others here, I always give my membership card at check-in (with CC), invariably they come back with “your membership number is in the booking” – not that I expect a problem, as I’ve made the booking using their web sites.

    It does help to have elite status…


    If you are missing points from Accor Favorite Guest scheme it is a hard job getting what you are entitled to. If you use any of the chains hotels in the UK or mainland Europe then it is not usually too much of a problem.

    However, I stayed at the Sofitel Dubai in February 2008 and writing this in October 2008 despite dozens of emails to France I am still awaiting the credit of the points. It is so annoying when the value of the bill is the value of the points and you make a booking on the basis that your loyalty will be rewarded accordingly.

    Next visit to Dubai will be in an IC Hotel when I know I can rely on getting the loyalty rewards.


    I got a Starwood card and racked up a large number of stays in a year. But when I checked my account showed zip.

    I got in touch to try and find out, why but they wanted so much paperwork, faxes of check-out slips, etc. All my receipts had been ‘filed’ a long time back and I didn’t enjoy the prospect of calling around every hotel to get a copy.

    Why bother with a scheme if your hotel staff can’t update the details?

    By far the most reward disappointing scheme I’ve ever tried.

    Anyone had a similar experience?


    Had three seperate stays at Accor hotels. 4+3 at Bangkok Pullman and 1 stay at NCL Novotel. Despite booking on line and being assured by both hotels my membership was in the system, no points have been awarded. A-club has not impressed me. Despite two emails to A-Club, they are insisting I have to send in my invoices to confirm the stays – despite giving them my invoice numbers. To be honest, I cannot be bothered of going through the hassle of scanning and sending on copies of the documents -absolutely useless and not worth bothering with. Hilton Honors & Starwood are completely different – no problems at all. Very unimpressed. One failed transaction may be forgivable – but three at two different hotels is not!


    I was begining to think that I was the only one with a problem with Accor. Following my posting in October I finally got the points owing in early January, only 11 months after the stay. In the meantime however I had missing points from Novotel in Hong Kong and Ibis LHR, all thankfully, posted.

    Accor have made a blunder with this A-Club, as a former Favorite Guest card holder the price was €130.00 to renew each year which was worth it for the discounts. However, the new card is €220 or €270 which even at the orginal exchange rate of 1.40 is not good value. I was written to asking me to renew my Favorite Guest card and was told to do it on line. I did and ended up with a standard A-Club card.

    With all the problems of getting points it is just not worth it. I have a couple of Accor hotels that I regularly visit, but sadly they will be the only ones. Accor was my hotel chain of first choice but not anymore.


    Missing points or miles direct from the provider or partner in an online automated world where passengers and customers do most of the data input is inexcusable. Any hotel, airline or rental or other partner ready to offer double points or miles if they do not credit the appropraite points/miles within 24 hours, well this is your chance to stand out, or stand up and be counted.

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