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  • JeffD

    This is by far the worst airport security services I ever have encounter. I go through T3 at least twice a week. I have to admit they are consistent on carriage of fluid through the security check area and you can rely on them to make your visit as unpleasant as possible.

    I had cause to make a formal complaint which is still outstanding regarding carrying medication in my hand luggage. I was told I could only carry medication in my hand luggage if I had an official NHS prescription which covered medication I was carrying. I pointed out all of medication was in pharmacy dispensed packaging supported with a letter from GP. The officer still insisted that I need to provide him with a prescription, or he would refuse to allow me to travel. He said the letter could be forged and was not a legal document, and he would not allow me to pass with my medication without showing him a official prescription. Thankfully on this day I did have a new prescription on me as I was due to get the next months supply of medication. He reluctantly accepted and allowed me continue on my journey.

    I made a formal complaint based on the attitude of the security guard. I can not find any legislation stating you must provide a prescription for any medication you want to carry in hand luggage. My complaint is still unresolved.

    Has anyone encountered similar issues when carrying medication through airport security ?


    Don’t they understand that you hand in the prescription to the chemists in exchange for the medicine? So you don’t have it anymore. The security person was most likely just making it up. Hope the complaint bears fruit.


    JeffD, I carry a small branch of Boots when I travel, a pill or potion for every eventuality but also 10 prescribed daily tablets (it does worry me sometimes going into places like Bangkok or KL), I do actually carry a recent prescription in case I am challenged at a foreign destination but I have NEVER been challenged at LHR or LGW and you will know from this forum how unpleasant an experience that can be.


    Lucky I’ve not had idiots like JD’s security when I return from the USA with a bottle of melatonin tablets or from Spain where I top up my supply of antibiotics!


    Only ever use T3 and while they are very very thorough and sometimes secondary screening can take a while ( last time was wax earplugs not in liquids bag) I always leave plenty of time, as I do at any airport in the world, so has never been an issue.


    Jeffd, were they liquid medicines, if not what on earth could be the issue with airline security. Even then if the liquids fell within the allowed container quantities what’s the issue. Worst case they can do a swab test.

    Manchester is my home airport and like you for over 20 years minimum 2 flights per week, it’s a disgrace, has been for years and will be until new terminals finished, assuming they are fit for purpose.


    You only need to look at a thread on FLYERTALK as well many people agree. I had a run in with them last year. Admittedly I left a can of deodorant in there.. I rarely fly on business but today I was and was using my normal day to day work bag. My bag was selected for secondary screening and was put to the back of the line for searching 3 times. After the second time when I tried to ask what was happening was passed from pillar to post and I asked to make a formal complaint and was told they wouldn’t consider it as it was my fault I left the item in the bag.

    I tweeted to Manchester Airport about the poor experience and after a couple of exchanges they dispatched one of the duty managers (that had brushed me off) to the BA lounge where I gave my feedback. Fortunately I don’t use Manchester that often maybe once a year or so.

    I wonder if Business Traveller could do a feature on airport security in the Uk the best and worst. I’d say my best 3 locations are Newcastle, Heathrow Terminal 5 First Wing, Heathrow Terminal 3 Fast Track.


    I used to travel weekly through Manchester T3 and grew increasingly exasperated by the security arrangements in T3. It is extremely rare that all their x-ray machines are open and early evening have less than half open and long queues tend to develop. The staff really don’t seem to care. My other gripes about T3 are a) it is cramped with too few facilities for the number of passengers who pass through and b) whenever a flight arrives (even slightly early) there is no one there to meet the plane so you are sat on board until either steps of someone to open the gate arrives. I have started to use the train whenever possible now which may be longer but tends to be less stressful than battling through T3. Shocking place.


    I concur with all posters, Manchester T3 security is poor.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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