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  • Swissdiver

    Flying Lufti this morning, with no luggage in the hold. Seating by the emergency exit. Two things are rather disturbing.

    1/ No ID control whatsoever, even upon boarding. So the airline actually doesn’t know who flies. They just assume.

    2/ No check about emergency exit procedures: there is one chap with crutches by one window, and another one next to me can’t understand English, not German!

    Am I the only one thinking this is really problematic?

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    Swissdiver you make good points. There is a lot of inconsistency and I hope someone senior at LH reads this forum. Crutches at an exit – like wow!

    A few years ago I flew Alitalia and the guy in the aisle seat had his tray table down and laptop on it throughout the landing procedure and crew did nothing.


    I was on a FRA-LHR flight a few years back and exactly the same thing, no ID or b/c checks.The crew were told by several people and the Captain made sure all pax were deplaned and sent back into the terminal for security checks.

    Cause of the issue – a new gate agent on her first week on the job, being left unsupervised.


    I had a unique experience in a small, west African airport last week, when flying back to Ghana. I put my hand luggage through the scanner and then saw that the passenger ‘arch’ was not working, so they were doing ‘pat down’ searches of passengers before boarding.

    Despite it was 6am on a Saturday morning, I was travelling in suit & tie (that was all I packed) and I had my walking stick. I also have a semi-distinguished lockdown grey beard now, and was carrying my UN passport.

    The exceptionally polite security officer gave me the once-over, gave something approaching a gentle bow. I raised my arms in readiness but he shook his head and ushered me through without any kind of search.

    Unsure how I should feel about that really!


    He of course made the right call…….in your case…..

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    In many airports now, once your ID is scanned at the check-in area, your face is scanned too.
    And then, when your boarding pass is scanned, at the security control, or at the boarding gate, a face recognition camera registers your presence.
    Many airports around the world are using new technology, to control the flow of passengers, the activity, and safety.

    About the emergency exit safety procedures… I imagine that was an unfortunate mishap.
    I have total confidence in Lufthansa’s safety procedures, crew training, and stuff supervision.


    AircraftLover, my ID stayed in my wallet during the whole trip, at GVA as well as at MUC where I boarded my connecting flight.

    As for confidence, this is not the point. There are rules.
    1/ Passengers on an exit row must be reasonably fit, strong, and able to assist with the rapid evacuation of
    the aircraft in an emergency. You can’t on crutches!
    2/ Passengers must be able to understand orders from the crew, i.e. speak either the local language or English. The chap next to me didn’t. I had to show him the pictogram about his hand luggage as he could not understand.
    So this crew broke the rules and potentially endangered passengers. And even if it was an unique case, it is not all right.


    Do you think that the early retirement of Pilots, and Cabin Crew, around the World, is affecting Aviation Safety, and the Service?


    I don’t think early retirement has any bearing on this. The crew is petrified to challenge passengers for boarding passes or ID. I have had this issue time and again when working for BA. A passenger lost his boarding pass, and I asked for his ID; he produced a worn-out work ID, and I asked if he had a passport or Driver’s licence. The belligerent response was, I did not know I needed a passport for Edinburgh.

    We are seeing a rise in self-entitled passengers. who think the world revolves around them and the crew don’t feel they would get the support of the airline.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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