LHR not the only one to shut when something goes wrong

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    La Guardia shuts after SouthWest nosewheel collapses during landing, blocking a runway.



    I think there is good reason to close an airport when there is an accident on the active runway.

    The more important discussion is the passenger in the BBC picture being directed by the officer on the ground. What an earth has she carrying??????


    MartynSinclair – 23/07/2013 05:29 GMT


    It’s more about recovery time to normal ops.

    As La Guardia’s two runways are oriented at 90 degrees, one cannot necessarily just use the other, as there are aircraft limits (e.g. cross wind) to consider and also the impact of the change of approach routes on the very busy New York airspace, with noisy neighbour JFK in particular requiring some thought.


    MartynSinclair – 23/07/2013 05:29 GMT

    + 2 ……It’s a backpack….an oddly there was an interview on BBC world service about injuries caused to people colliding with people lugging backpacks !!

    So it’s not just Asiana cabin crew……again reckless

    The airport was only shut for 70 minutes acording to the report !….and as far as I know BA didn’t have to cancel their short haul flights ! lol


    “It’s a backpack” – just as I thought :)) I find that astonishing in the USA, the country that managed to throw a passenger off an airplane for taking pictures, they cant manage an evacuation in an orderly manner…



    Unless the lights go out in T5 – the designers didn’t consider how to change the light bulbs – woops

    No bulbs have ever have been replaced so high-wire experts are being bought in to change them all – costing “several millions”



    So much for Lord Richard Rodgers brilliant design.


    It really is unbelievable that a problem to do with changing light bulbs on this scale was not foreseen at the design stage. I trust that at the moment the designers are looking very carefully at the designs of T2 to avoid building in the same problems.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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