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    Im staying at Ritz Carlton Battery Park New York. Should I fly into JFK or Newark airport – which is closer to this part of Manhatten?


    The decision comes down to many factors, but distance from Manhattan is not usually a critical one.

    Newark generally has more efficient immigration and, at some times of the day, it’s quicker by car into town. The train service to Penn is a lot more civilised than the Subway from JFK.

    However, JFK has more flights, better lounges, better check-in and slicker security if you’re flying BA.

    Personally, I generally try to fly into Newark and out of Kennedy – but many would probably disagree based on their own flight patterns and preferred times.


    Thanks for that – I have only ever flown into JFK, so I may give ERW a go. I have also posted a question about CW to EWR on the 767 and if its old or new?!


    Unless your taking the http://www.ba.com/clubworldlondoncity service, I’d endorse cc’s into EWR and out of JFK approach.

    The longhaul 767s have the original Club World seats, and are a tad slower than the 777s/747s plus there’s no potential for you to be bumped up to F for operational reasons; for that reason I would probably avoid them – others may prefer the fact they are in the “top” cabin and the more intimate layout of the Club cabin on those 767 aircraft. Having old or new Club on a day flight makes little difference IMHO, especially as the AVOD has been upgraded on the 767s.


    You might also consider the day flights on the return journey; always nicer than an overnight.

    If you fancy kicking off your trip with a weekend in Paris, explore http://www.flyopenskies.com into NYC; their premium economy BizSeat is really excellent for a day flight.


    EWR is closer to where you want to go in Manhattan.


    Thanks for all your responses. Agree that day flight back is much better than overnight – although you do lose a day..


    If flying BA, the experience of arriving at JFK can really be dampened if arriving at the same time as one or two other flights. The queue for immigration can be a real sod and the terminal is quite claustrophobic, similar to the old Heathrow T2 check-in area if you ever experienced that.
    Traffic to and from downtown can also be a real pain, much more pleasant from EWR whichever way you travel.
    Departing JFK has better facilities with regards to lounges but if the weather is bad (particularly during the winter) the taxi-to-take off time can be huge, more than I have ever experienced at any airport.

    I have just the operated ‘retro’ Club cabin on the 767 and yes it is a little ‘tired’ but the IFE is the most reliable on the fleet and we are able, I feel, to give a much more attentive service due to the smaller cabin, sometimes lost on the bigger jets these days due to the reduced crew per passenger compliment.
    Long live the 767, refurbishment starting soon we are told.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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