Jet Blue and British Airways seek transatlantic code-share

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  • AMcWhirter

    The news appeared on CNBC yesterday.

    If the regulators grant approval the code-sharing would allow each airline to expand its network.

    BA would gain access to 75 of Jet Blue’s US domestic destinations while Jet Blue would be able to transfer its passengers on to 17 of BA’s European points.

    The latter is important for Jet Blue as its narrow-bodied aircraft are restricted in the destinations they can serve in mainland Europe (because of issues with range).

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    How would this impact AA as i thought they provided most of US domestic connections for BA? Also is it still the case that Jet Blue only has mint on selected domestic routes and so a business / first customer may end up connecting in economy?


    I can understand the benefits for JetBlue, not so sure what BA has to gain over and above what it already has in place with AA.


    One shouldn’t forget that JetBlue is the second largest carrier at JFK which of course is BA’s biggest US port. JetBlue has 27% of the flights at JFK way ahead of AA with 15%, so this makes sense for BA. AA and JetBlue of course were bedfellows in the North East Alliance before it was disbanded by the DOJ.

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    Spot on AndrewinHK. AA barely offers offers much connection to BA (or itself) from JFK or BOS. Most are destinations BA itself offers from LHR. AA is more connected from CLT or PHL. BA is gaining much from Jetblue here while JetBlue can sell tickets to continental Europe.

    Rumour has it that BA is not amused, that AA isn’t very much after corporate accounts as much as BA is. These accounts obviously fill the front of the plane and make money for most airlines.
    AA may be the largest airline in the US but it is the least profitable and with the smallest premium cabins. BA has most certainly seen something here with BA and so has JetBlue.
    The 1 or 2 daily flights with JetBlue Mint won’t dent earnings on BA’s numerous daily flights in premium heavy cabins with the new club Suites.

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    An interesting one.

    As others have said, AA has limited connectivity in the US north east (particularly BOS & JFK) whereas JetBlue has an extensive network.

    Also, there are other JetBlue links within IAG. JetBlue partners closely with Aer Lingus as well as Qatar, both either in or investing in BA/IAG. Also, AA and JetBlue were to form a close alliance within the US although this was scuppered by competition authorities.

    It seems that thus far the code share agreement between JetBlue/BA is just that – a code share agreement. There was no application for an extended agreement including reciprocal frequent flyer benefits etc.

    I wonder if this could be the beginning of a greater interest for JetBlue and the Oneworld alliance however and longer term whether we will see AA attempt to acquire JetBlue who is known to be struggling financially.

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    AA and New York are slightly mismatched bed fellows in so much as they don’t seem to quite operate it like a hub. Whereas UA and DL most certainly do.

    It is odd as they have their own terminal at JFK (now shared with BA) and have a decent network at LGA too. Yet DL offer more flights from both.

    AA really seem to be much more hub centric at CLT and DFW.

    JetBlue in a way does makes sense.
    Only speaking from personal experience but I often travel between NYC & FLL and RSW.
    AA doesn’t offer non-stop flights from any NY airport to these destinations. UA does, DL does from 2 NY airports and JetBlue from all 3.

    As mentioned earlier, a good fit for BA given the large number of extra flights offered out of JFK (and to a lesser extent) EWR.
    The clear anomaly being the lack of a premium cabin on the vast majority of JetBlue flights.

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    Participant has reported on this planned codeshare.

    If the US DOT gives approval the BA code would be placed on 36 Jet Blue domestic services from Boston and 39 from NYC JFK.

    On this side of the Atlantic the Jet Blue code would be placed on 17 BA routes out of Heathrow to mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

    The latter would include: Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Lyon, Munich, Oslo and Warsaw.

    It would also include BA flights to Amsterdam and Paris CDG although these two are already served direct by Jet Blue.

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