Its Colombia not Columbia

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  • capetonianm

    I had (past tense as we fell out over opposing views on Brexit) an English friend, we’ll call him ‘X’, who for some reason hated the Scots, or ‘Scotch’ as he used to call them to annoy them deliberately. Many times I told him that ‘Scotch’ applies to eggs and whisky, not people. Anyway one day he picked an argument with a Scotsman in a pub and called this guy a ‘Scotch’ tosser. The Scotsman, who was about three times the size of both of us put together, picked X up and deposited him unceremoniously outside in the slushy snow, and told him he could come back when he learned the difference between ‘Scots’ and ‘Scotch’.

    X decided to go to the police and charge the Scot with assault, so I had to go along to the police station as a ‘witness’. The desk sergeant was …….. a real Glaswegian! When he was told the background, he said to ‘X’ : “Get on with ye or ye’ll be oot in the snow a second time ……..!”


    I’m a stickler for proper spelling and using the correct word, such as Scottish, to describe the people of that country.

    My problem is my first name (five letters beginning with J) and the people who despite seeing it written correctly, still insist on calling me by the more popular version that ends in ‘e’. When I corrected an ex-colleague, he insisted that I was wrong, as one of his co-workers had told him my incorrect name. Speedy production of my driving licence put him right.

    Rant over!


    You will always be Colombia to me.

    OMG, I feel a song coming!


    Its important to be good enough,not perfect,and usually BT excels.
    Personally I’d like spellcheck on this forum too!


    Most amusing that a thread about correct spelling is so littered with typos and grocer’s apostrophes.

    As for the thread title, it’s “It’s”, not “Its”.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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