Is China Southern flying the grounded 737 max8 on scheduled passenger flights ?

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  • cwoodward

    Aircraft registration B-1205 looks from Flightradar 24 to have been flying scheduled passenger flights around China for the past several days.

    16 Oct 2019 Yantai (YNT) Zhengzhou (CGO) GT1010 — 2:00 PM 1:59 PM 3:55 PM Estimated 3:26 PM
    16 Oct 2019 Zhengzhou (CGO) Yantai (YNT) GT1009 — 10:25 AM 10:50 AM 12:15 PM

    16 Oct 2019 Guilin (KWL) Zhengzhou (CGO) GT1019 1:51 7:15 AM 7:36 AM 9:25 AM Landed 9:27 AM
    15 Oct 2019 Shijiazhuang (SJW) Guilin (KWL) GT1028 — 10:30 PM 11:54 PM 1:10 AM

    15 Oct 2019 Guilin (KWL) Shijiazhuang (SJW) GT1027 — 7:00 PM 8:36 PM 9:40 PM

    15 Oct 2019 Dalian (DLC) Datong (DAT) GT1024 — 12:45 PM 1:58 PM 2:35 PM

    15 Oct 2019 Datong (DAT) Dalian (DLC) GT1023 1:16 10:10 AM 11:48 AM 11:50 Landed 1:03 PM
    14 Oct 2019 Haikou (HAK) Guilin (KWL) GT1053 1:04 5:25 PM 9:13 PM 6:45 PM Landed 10:17 PM
    13 Oct 2019 Yangzhou (YTY) Shenyang (SHE) GT1057 1:44 6:25 PM 7:03 PM 8:30 PM Landed 8:47 PM
    13 Oct 2019 Guilin (KWL) Yangzhou (YTY) GT1057 1:49 3:20 PM 3:44 PM 5:30 PM Landed 5:33 P

    Of course this could be some sort of error but if correct it is disturbing to me as a passenger that flies domestically in China with Southern.

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    This is worrying to say the least. I am one who hopes Boeing sorts this aircraft out and gets it back in the air as a safe and reliable memeber of the Boeing family, but I for sure do not want to set foot on one until it has been cleared by all safety agencies (not just the FAA), and some time proving itself. Luckily I dont fly domestically in China, but worrying if this is true cwoodward.


    Just wanted to mention (leaving aside China Southern) that ferry flights are allowed provided any one country grants overflying rights.

    For example, Norwegian had to move one of its 737 MAX aircraft from Spain to Scandinavia a few monnths ago. And Icelandair has been moving its grounded MAX aircraft from Reykjavik to Spain for storage.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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