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    Just travelled through Zurich to / from London and noticed some welcome improvements.

    There is now a Business Bus that collects business class travellers from the plane when it parks at a stand, and takes them straight to the terminal. This was especially handy coming back from London as it gives a head start through security and immigration.

    I hope Swiss will soon provide this service when embarking as well?

    On arrival you now go through security on arrival at Terminal B. Having cleared security you can go straight to the plane when departing from Terminal A sparing one from those anxious moments when the queue is taking much longer than anticipated.

    The Swiss Senator / Business lounge in B has now re-opened and is a quite a haven. Unfortunately there was only one attendant on duty so checking in took a little longer than usual but this I’d not spoil the experience.

    Finally, and this caused my jaw to drop, on showing my passport at immigration the policeman “wished me a good day”! I think that’s a first anywhere?




    I agree that there is a vast improvement since the opening of B/D wing on 1 Dec. The centralised security is much better for A, B, and D gates. I suspect the long-hauls from E still have a second security beyond the “Muuuuu train”.

    There are two dedicated 12 seat coaches for remote stand passengers. So far, they are only used on arrival I’ve been told. Interestingly, only C-cabin passengers will be allow on. If a HON is sitting in Y coming down from LHR, he/she will be on normal coach back to the main terminal.

    The new SEN lounge is very tranquil, I agree. One small issue is that the work stations have no power. So you have to sit in the lounge area to charge devices, a bit odd.

    ZRH has always been on my top 3 European list, but all of the enhancements move it to the top spot in my book, followed closely by MUC. The only two minor points for LX to sort are:
    Improved catering in SEN lounges
    HON/First transfer to E-gates – avoid the general second security check point




    There is a car transfer to E for Hon/F from the F lounge in A. I don’t know if security has to be done again at E with the new system but I’ll find out Friday and let you know.

    I see many Swiss cringe when the muuuu or the Alphorn sounds, but I love it as I do the blown kiss from Heidi. In fact I had two Heidi’s on my Helvetic flight to MXP but alas no kiss from them!!!



    In think my “gripe” with the transfer from the HON to E is that the marketing material says (IMHO) a direct transfer to aircraft, while the two times I’ve done it, I have been taken in van like vehicle, to the bottom of the tarmac at E, lift to main area, and back into general (but premium) second security area. Whilst it is a great experience, the expectations set forth in marketing is not corresponding with the reality.

    Let me know if it has changed.



    They use the van if there are severa people to carry. Mostly I’ve had the Merc.

    On reflection, I think you do (did?) security just where the cars leave and then Passport control. After that you go do as described but then go direct into the terminal. Perhaps US travel is different and there is the extra check.

    I’ll know Friday and let you know.



    Senator, I flew out from E Friday. The second security check is now gone. All security for transferring pax is done on arrival. For pax checking in at Zurich you immediately pass security with separate lanes and entrances for F/Business and Economy.

    If travelling F they will escort you straight through avoiding the queue (though in my case there were only two people in the line) and to the lounge.

    It’s all a vast improvement.



    Thanks LuganoPirate! Sounds excellent. Hope you were on the A330-300 First. Excellent product!

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