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  • TominScotland

    I am currently in Hong Kong and flying to Manila where 5 of my colleagues will meet me. They were scheduled to leave Glasgow today with KLM. Just received a message that their inbound from Amsterdam was hit by lightening on the approach to Glasgow and their flight was cancelled.

    They were immediately re-booked on Emirates (sorted within 20 minutes of the announcement) and given an F & B voucher. As a result they should only be about 3 hours late into Manila tomorrow night. BTW, none of them have status with KLM.

    Really impressive service, I thought, especially as this truly was an AOG.


    KLM are very pro-active when delays or problems occur.
    Over 15 years i have seen many people of all cabins, delayed at LHR, and KLM coming around informing people of which gate to go to, assuring them they can make a connection. Where they cannot, when they arrive they will see automatically the Flight Control Managers have re-booked them, food and drink and hotels if required. They come to you, and have a solution if there is a problem, complains they call you, and follow it up with the relevant department Manager through Schiphol KLM.

    I find them excellent, you do not have to argue, if you have a valid problem or complaint. then they accept that just as if it were themselves.
    Awarded the Worlds most “On time” Airline recently, they deserve their Loyalty from all over Europe, and their Long haul routes, and i admire much their teamwork and efforts. It is always a pleasure and i am real pleased they do so well these days, in profits, staff morale, and as a Trusted High Quality honest Brand. They have the best Airport in Europe also, new fleets, and set for a very promising stable future.


    The message that Tom posted made me smile a little. KLM took an appropriate action after a passenger was running the risk of being delayed. It couldn’t be prevented, and this was no-one’s fault.
    Isn’t this what we expect of any responsible supplier of services? How is it possible that we that we are surprised if they take care of their bread and butter, the passenger?


    Indeed, it’s what the customer should expect – but look at how most airlines handle problems. BA didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory with their “outage” that happened a few days after your post!


    A few weeks ago I flew FRA AMS CPT on KLM.and arrived without my checked baggage. At the CPT service desk they already had the PIR ready for me to sign and complete. I was told I could claim €100 for immediate needs.

    I submitted the receipt on line late at night, by the time I got up in the morning I had their email confirming that they would pay the claim, which actually was closer to €200 and I expected them to cut it down.

    A week later the money was in my account. That is KLM service.

    Meanwhile 6 weeks later I am still waiting for LH to acknowledge my claim for 12 hours delay and downgrading.


    I don’t fly KLM often but have also noticed when something goes wrong they are very proactive. It happened once on a connecting flight to CPH which was late into AMS, giving me only 10 minutes to make the onward flight. A representative was at the gate, whisked down the stairs, into a car and over to the plane. Up the stairs, seated, door closed and off we went. Impressive.

    I must also add when LX and LH get it right they are wonderful, when they get it wrong, as Capetonian said, they are awful and wriggle and squirm to get out of the situation.


    I have not flown KLM for sometime, however I used to fly them regularly to the West Coast, as the Business Class fare’s ex UK where far better than BA or any carrier through the UK..

    I flew them 5 times in all and every time my luggage never made the second leg of the flight whether there was a 1 hour turnaround or one time 3 hours … In fact the only time it did work seamlessly was when I flew in the night before and stayed in a hotel in Amsterdam and physically checked my luggage in.

    I guess their efficiency these days is honed from those poor experiences way back when…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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