Have Hawaiian Airlines found the right way to do Extra Legroom Economy?

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    Extra Comfort economy is not the same as Premium Economy as it is simply a standard economy seat with extra legroom. I have bought the odd ticket but I would much rather have a Premium Economy seat.

    Saying that, I wonder if Hawaiian Airlines have found the right idea? Instead of having their extra leg room seats at the front of the cabin, they use the window seats of the 2-4-2 configurations on their A330s for their extra leg room seat. This means if you buy a standard economy seat you will be in the middle but the extra seat gives you a window view and extra leg room.

    Article here http://thepointsguy.com/2017/02/hawaiian-a330-first-review/


    Interesting. But is there anything to stop middle-seat passengers switching to any empty extra legroom (Extra Comfort) seats after take-off ?


    I don’t think the extra legroom seats are the “window” seats but the two seats at the side of the 2-4-2 configuration. otherwise if it was only the window seat (eg the A seat) then where would the B seat be? and how would this impact the row behind it? The B seat is not a window seat, it’s an aisle seat.
    On Finnair they stop people moving into economy comfort seats by removing the headrest covers from the seats which are not used by those allocated economy comfort.


    It wouldn’t work unless both side seats were 36″ pitch otherwise they wouldn’t both be equally secure and crash resistant.
    Really the only way to offer extra pitch is throughout the cabin even if you reduce load factor to 85%,that’s a good load on an efficient airline and they can keep average l/f at that level?


    When I said window seats I meant both the A & B seats in a 2-4-2 configuration. This is obvious from the photos in the link.

    The biggest issue I can perceive is the apparent taunting of those in the middle seats. It’s one thing to know that up front there are more comfortable seats and a better experience but it is usually hidden by a curtain or somewhat out of sight. When the people having a better experience are right next to you, it’s not the same. On the one hand, it might motivate you to buy the window seats (and I am sure Hawaiian could sell any empty seats there and then to people who want to move). But on the other hand it might generate resentment and aggression.


    Many airlines already sell “extra” seats, usually the front row or those by exits, so maybe Hawaiian have a bigger demand for those and can fill them however it must be difficult stopping others moving into the extra legroom at some time in the flight?
    Its cheaper for Hawaiian than buying economy plus seats and with the same service for economy, HAHA!


    The extra legroom is certainly nice to have but I can’t see much enjoyment in a window seat on that long, long flight over the empty Pacific 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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