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    Has anyone tried a Plane Food Picnic at T5?

    They look rather good. I have never tried as I usually indulge in a light meal the lounge washed down with some Bolly, but this looks like a great alternative for those without lounge access, or travelling after 10am on a less expensive economy fare, where something more substantial may be required to accompany your pretzels and full bar service:

    3 Courses £11.95


    Selection of mini breakfast pastries
    Caesar salad
    with pancetta and soft boiled egg
    Antipasti, Parma ham, salami and buffalo mozzarella
    Tiger prawn salad
    with watercress and soy sesame dressing

    Main Course Sandwiches

    Smoked salmon and cream cheese
    with apple and walnut salad
    Marinated tomato, basil and fontina
    with mixed leaves and cucumber
    Roast beef and watercress
    with green bean salad
    Croque Madame with tomato salad


    Fruit salad with vanilla yoghurt
    Chocolate and pecan brownie with crème Chantilly
    Pear cheesecake tart with caramel
    English cheese selection with quince and biscuits


    Anyone tried it?



    I tried it around Easter last year and found it very tasty – albeit the sandwiches a bit small. It is obviously not a healthy option – bet the small sandwiches still have a fair amount of cals in them…

    You should definitely try it – the bag that goes with the food is a nice, and useful, keepsake.



    I checked this out last week and was impressed.

    Well worth checking out, though not that healthy as you pointed out!



    Offer from Worldpoints:

    Why not treat yourself with 250 extra points when you spend £40 or more* at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food at Heathrow Terminal 5?


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