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  • MarcusGB

    Just received information regarding Flying Blue changes, affecting Platinum members, and those earning Platinum for life.
    However in the 2nd Part, not announced but found by chance on checking this out, 10 Non Skyteam partner Airlines will No longer earn you XP’s or Miles! This includes Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, Westjet…
    So much for the integration of Qantas and linking in for flights towards Australia.

    Just when the the newly announced KLM and Air France link for Qantas flyers, Many benefits, destinations, are offered but now nothing reciprocated for Flying Blue members.

    2. “Partner Airlines that will no longer earn you XPs or miles in the FB program…

    What’s the impact of this change of rules?

    As of 1 April 2024, you will no longer earn XP and Elite bonuses on flights marketed and operated by:

    Air Mauritius
    China Southern Airlines
    COPA Airlines
    Japan Airlines
    Malaysia Airlines
    Twin Jet

    Leaves quite a gap for flights around Australia, towards New Zealand, and The Pacific.
    Perhaps the reward seats on Qantas and all listed, also will not be available?

    Qantas Flyers seemed to have gained much, but Flying Blue members lose a partner Airline in the Pacific, with no benefits booking Qantas, which is hardly reciprocal!
    A huge gap in the “Worldwide coverage” of the Skyteam network. between Asia – and only Delta from NZ towards the US.

    (Sydney – 3rd Nov 23)


    Does anyone know in the forum or at BT, why this is happening?

    For a few years now Qantas and Flying Blue, have been “Linked” with their FF programs, yet people are being turned away from Lounges and benefits by Qantas and KLM, as there is little out there to show the exact reciprocation. This BT Forum members have experienced, and reported on here.
    What is behind all these one sided changes, and it being linked out very quietly!
    Are Flying Blue frequent Flyers Fully aware of these changes, compared to a one sided benefit for Qantas flyers.

    It really cuts back earning and benefits on the Skyteam network between Asia and the nearest partner Delta Into Sydney and other major cities, yet Delta will only serve flight on back to the USA.
    Whilst Qantas FF Programs members seem to gain all using AF and KLM, reaching to all that groups European destinations,Flying Blue members get nothing but a shrinking network.
    This means a lessening of flights into Australia where KLM and Air France no longer fly to, and no domestic Australian network, or Regional Pacific!
    A Huge gap where no flights exist for a “Global Alliance of Skyteam.

    There will be knowhere Flying Blue members can earn or redeem Status Points XP;s, or book reward flights.
    What is going on between Qantas and AF/KLM Flying Blue in Particular, and other long standing partner networks as associated partner Airlines?

    Is this a Plan to take in All the Virgin Groups now it is joined to Skyteam, including Virgin Australia?

    Anyone have any information, or Alex at BT?


    Hadn’t seen this one as the Qantas Post was higher up. But i’ve replied on the QF post.


    MarcusGG – thank you for bringing these changes to our attention.

    Re GOL I am not too surprised at this as Skyteam partner have a substantial interest in Latam – GOL’s main rival. However given DL also have an interest in Westjet I am surprised they are being dropped.

    And re the Virgins – Atlantic and Australia I believe there are hardly any real ties there apart from the brand.They are separate businesses. I stand to be corrected but if anything the Oz brand is more likely to join Star Alliance.


    Hi Sparkyflier.
    Apologies for not getting back to you.

    These are major changes but important ones to Flying Blue!

    Virgin Atlantic is now in most aspects as a member of Skyteam, soy You can book on Virgin, and visa versa KLM/ Air France, Delta. They have been added to the Skyteam Airlines membership.
    Though reports on Lounge access and other benefits the higher FF Status levels have been with mixed experiences, as stated on here.

    Virgin Australia, are teaming up cross Tasman with Air New Zealand, so that is leaning towards Star Alliance. But no indications that the other Virgin Airlines in the US or in Oz, are following VS and linking in, though it would be useful. Skyteam seems to have linked in with Qantas as domestic and Regional NZ and Pacific

    KLM/ AF have just signed commercial agreement with Qantas, with the clear benefit for links within Europe for Qantas customers to travel on, within Europe.
    But few benefits for Flying Blue travellers using Qantas, it seems quite one sided.
    Certainly their needs to be clarification on what is recognised by Qantas for Flying Blue members of Gold and platinum status. Someone needs to let their staff know in Qantas, as many have their own versions!


    Let me repost this here as it seems that there’s no clarity on the issue.

    That’s not quite accurate. AF-KLM will still channel passengers to Australia with QF and one can earn miles and XPs as long the flights are sold or marketed by AF or KLM which in that case the flights with have an AF (codeshare) flight number. In other words, the flight must have a AF/KL flight number to get XPs.

    For example if you booked a flight with AF CDG-SIN-SYD it’d have the flight numbers AF0256 for the CDG-SIN leg on AF metal, then SIN-SYD on the QF A380 as AF9665. You get your miles, XPs and all the usual priviledges.

    What no longer counts is just crediting a flight without a AF/KL flight number to Flying Blue. There you’ll only get miles but no XPs.

    Currently it’s possible to credit flights bought directly from say QF SIN-SYD with just the QF flight number to FB and you’d earn miles as well as XPs. Means you could earn a FB Elite Plus status by not stepping foot on AF/KL metal even once. That’s no longer the case from April 1st 2024 regardless of when you bought your ticket. Same applies to Japan Airlines, Air Mauritius, Copa Airlines, China Southern & Malaysia Airlines just to name but a few.

    AF-KLM did indeed extend the partnership esp. in light of the upcoming PER-CDG flights and i’d expect more codeshares on the AF network to be added.

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    Thanks for clarifying this above.

    The difficulty, is that prior to a few months ago Trying ex London or Europe to Australian cities, that on KLM or AF Airlines sites, you had Qantas options, whereby you could gain that prefix to earn XP’s and miles.This was for bought tickets, and miles redemptions (though ridiculously high).
    But no longer do these come through, more “Jetstar”, Singapore, and Chinese or Korean options. These were for Business class paid or miles tickets.
    You cannot buy a flight from Asia to Australia with a different ticket on KLM or AF websites, no routes come up at all, let alone Qantas.

    Neither can you book a paid domestic flight on Qantas as i have tried using your FB Miles, Using the KLM/AF websites to buy a ticket.
    (Jet star really only seats in a Premium Economy seat and calls it “Business”!
    The Miles exceptions were for a flight to Auckland, and very specific an early morning or late eve flight.
    Several flights to MEL and 2 a day to ADL. No other major Cities, or Smaller domestic destinations.

    I wish KLM/ AF & Flying Blue, would fully publish entitlements of Platinum and Gold entitlements when you fly Qantas, purchase or redemptions, as there is just no clarity. Others have reported their experiences on here and i know of others in Australia, where the FB status is simply not recognised by Qantas, except for check in and luggage allowance. Lounge access was refused.
    Are QF flyers getting a better service with KLM/AF?

    It does seem pretty impossible to buy a ticket where you could get that KL or AF prefix on the ticket at this moment in time!
    The redemptions are also simply not brought up with Qantas, as they were very prevalent a few months ago.
    I searched ahead from Nov 23 in Sept anyway for a trip,, as well as for Feb 24 -last week, so i repeated the attempts.

    Interestingly, Air Asia have lie flat Business seats for 1/3-Half the cost of MH ex KUL, and are now running a BKK-SYD flight as well, which is approx £750 each way.

    Perhaps the BF Sales will offer some deals, as they are very expected down here in Australia and started last week, as well as in Asia.

    It does mean travelling to Australia, that Qantas options are not in the picture, miles or purchases, that earning on these routes will be a greater Black spot. Apart from of course, the “not so good” Skyteam carriers ex Asia, down to here from their hubs.


    A few points;

    1. Indeed it seems that when booking a paid ticket from the UK you get more options with Jetstar than when booking Ex-EU. On some days though (24.11.) QF options are all you see. Right now i see even lots of options with Etihad which was to be expected after their intensified partnership.

    2. That you can’t book domestic flights in Australia on the AF/KL sites is not surprising. You won’t be able to book a paid MEL-SYD QF flight on BA even if both are Oneworld members though i’ve booked and taken lots of domestic AU flights via BA avios.
    Just tried to book a flight SIN-SYD on the LH website and it won’t show me any flights despite LH & SQ having a joint venture from Europe to Australia. I think the airlines just can’t be bothered to sell tickets for partner airlines if they aren’t directly earning on said bookings.

    I don’t remember reading much about redemption of FB miles on QF. Yes i see availability for flights from AKL but found the number of FB miles needed not worth it. Yea, i think that FB is still working on the relationships with their partners.

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