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    Living in a place where FlyMayBe is probably the main carrier, I am forced to use them every now and then. Their service to Manchester is quite convenient and I used it in March to connect to longhaul……
    Making the booking I was nagged relentlessly by the site to sign up for an Avios account – which I did (and wasn’t that a performance) and my Avios details are in my Flybe account.
    In their typical convoluted fashion you have to then set up with Avios to be able to see your miles because they are not shown on the Flybe account.
    30 days after the outbound leg a few miles appeared but nothing for the return. The Avios site states clearly that miles are added 30 days after the flight so no claiming before that. No problem – can do it later.
    This morning I took a look at the account and still no miles – so I started the “missing miles” procedure which requires you log into Flybe and fill in a form…….problem. My date was not in correct format – difficult when it is a dropdown selection, so dig into the small print. You cannot claim missing miles more than 40 days after the flight… is day 41.
    Do the lying, theiving gits that run this sorry airline seriously think that their customers have nothing better in their sad lives than counting days since they flew and checking for a paltry haul of airlmiles? If I checked every frequent flyer account every day there wouldn’t be much time left for working!
    So thanks, FlyMayBe – I’m way less likely to use you in the future. Just as well I have options – unlike many of my neighbours.


    Would that Avios problems were the only problems with Flymaybe!
    You were very brave depending on them to make an international connection without 24 hours to spare – in my experience they have enough trouble connecting with themselves and I have given up even trying to use any of their connecting flights any more having been left high and dry and significantly out of pocket on many occasions!
    Unfortunately I have to use them regularly for work as they are the only carrier on some of the routes I have to travel and I find they are generally unreliable, inconsistent and totally hopeless operating noisy, dirty and old planes (a new paint job cannot hide this!). The companies that represent them tend to employ people who are more interested in chatting to their colleagues than working and they are frequently downright rude but what can you expect when you are paid (very little) to represent such a dreadful organisation. Woe betide you when (not if) things go wrong as their service recovery and customer service is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to experience – best just write the time and money off to yet another Flymaybe experience!
    Having said that some of their own crew are remarkably cheerful and pleasant which is pretty impressive considering they can have little to be cheerful about!
    No amount of marketing hype can make up for their inadequacies and I am looking forward to the day that they finally throw in the towel and go under so some niche operators that actually serve their passengers can take over their routes and services.


    Not brave – just lacking choices. There was a later flight that would have worked so I did have a long layover both ways. But using Gatwick means a two day trip and Heathrow requires a two hour drive as well as a connecting flight; sometimes two days. Three days travelling for a 6 day trip is a waste of time!
    I agree with everything you say about them but I only use them when forced.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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