Extremely poor Lufthansa customer service

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    I recently flew from Cairo to Munich, visited some friends there for the night and then flew to London City, upon arrival in LCY I noticed that my Tumi suitcase had a gaping hole in it and immediately notified the Lufthansa ground crew who dealt with me very efficiently, this is where it stopped. I was notified that someone would call me to arrange collection and then went on my way.

    The next morning I recvd a call from whatever company it is that deals with the luggage to say a courier would be coming the next day and would I be avail, which I was. Next day came, I stayed in all day and no one came, to cut a long story short this happened a further 9 times (not Lufthansas fault, but they hired the courier company so their responsibility) On the last occasion I notified them that I would be travelling to HKG and the case would be at the same address for collection, whilst I was away once again collection did not occur. I came back and tried to arrange collection, which never happened and I notified them I was moving to HKG and could I transfer the case to LH in HKG, which I could.

    I contacted LH in HKG and was bounced from pillar to post (City office to Airport Baggage office with no one taking responsibility) I finally managed to arrange collection, which occurred yest and they have the cheek to call me today and say the bag is beyond repair, stating that the bag is not a Tumi and mumbled some incoherent wod and asked if I have the receipt, which I dont. Was told id be called back…….am waiting.

    Sorry for the ramble, but does anyone have any advice?


    Sorry, not advice but from the other end of the spectrum – IAD, my case came off the BA afternoon flight with its club tags, damaged in as much as it wasn’t holed but scraped and broken in one corner. At the service desk I was told to “take my pick” of the luggage they had in store or wait and claim for a new replacement of the same make. I did the latter but was intrigued to think they had a “store” of items ready to be taken. Not heard of that one before.


    Maybe they have a particular problem at Dulles so are prepared, if only Lufthansa were as efficient


    Arron, if you cost out your time and the inconvenience I think you’ll find it comes to more than the case is worth. It’s unfortunate and I know the airlines always seem to have the upper hand, but sometimes its just not worth bothering with.

    I use hard shelled suitcases, and am actually glad when they get their first war wounds. It means the case is doing what it’s supposed to do, and protect the contents.

    If I’m particularly concerned, then I’ll have it wrapped at the airport. Some of these services include insurance and that’s usually the fastest and easiest way to go, claim on insurance, which is often included now with credit cards.


    Thanks Lugano, you are probably correct regarding the value of my time spent chasing them.

    I called them today, and they conceeded that it was in fact a Tumi and they have sent the file to Shanghai for them to decide whether to replace the suitcase or give me cash, I wait with baited breath….


    I have had 3 new cases off BA in the last 18 months they have stock at Manchester of Antler cases. All be it one time they were out and I was passing the Antler offices at Bury so they arranged for me to one up.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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