EU airports unable to cope with safety risks after Brexit

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  • Johnnyg

    Announced today on sky news, leaked document highlighting many issues re Brexit, lack of infrastructure and staffing etc.


    Imagine what it will be like here in the UK – it is all a disaster BEFORE Brexit.


    I’ve read the article and I wonder how much of this is leaking for the sake of leaking…….

    And if it’s anywhere near as bad as the report makes out, then the negligence, or more likely , a “denial approach” is at the EU end.
    The big hitters in the EU, including the Dutch are probably locked into a belief system that we will have a 2nd referendum, and this leak perhaps makes this more likely.

    I predicted on another topic, that the undemocratic EU have a tried and tested methodology of reversing votes they don’t like.
    This leaked report falls into this playbook. The 3rd of the 4 phases I talked about earlier

    However, I’d argue why should we worry . It’s all about choices……

    BA through LHR/LGW
    TK/QR/EK through the Mid-East

    And this is where the onus is on KLM and the Dutch government…. Can KL/AF really afford to turn away that amount of traffic, because their EU masters refuse to accept the will (albeit slight) of the UK voter ?


    If we can put the conspiracy theories aside for one moment…

    I think several industries are worried that we are this close to the Brexit date and there is so little certainty about the arrangements and rules that will be in place. It is extraordinarily difficult to plan when the spectrum of outcomes ranges from pretty much business as usual to a no deal.

    If one’s looking for a motivation for the leak, then the straightforward explanation is an airport industry which is very concerned about a worst case scenario for which most are very underprepared. I imagine they are very keen to focus minds on the potentially looming practical challenges. Some airports/countries barely cope with business as usual as it is…


    At least its a scare story the other way round this time, ie a major EU problem with UK upside (more compelling to use ex UK direct or ME). Mind Im not sure what Schipol could do to make itself less appealing I had an hour wait at immigration just to come in from the UK a couple of weeks ago, despite being in the EU lane. I long since gave up using it for transit as the lines to move from non Schengen to Schengen were very hit and miss on a short transfer (made worse I believe by the airport slowing things down to try to persuade punters to buy Privium).


    The good news is that Paris CDG won’t be affected by this as according to the memo it seems that less than 60000 UK travelled are transiting in Paris every year !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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