Etihad\'s Decline, Now \"Buy on Board – Choices\"

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  • MarcusGB

    Etihad launches “buy on board” choices

    Not a surprise with the general decline and pull back of so many of Etihad’s services, in every aspect of the travel experience in the last 2 years.
    But this appear rather tacky, and several friends and colleagues who flew with them, reacted with a “now to avoid” attitude towards Etihad.

    I used up all my Guest miles some days ago for a First Class Apartments ex SYD- AUH, and frankly the experience was nothing other than ordinary. The continuation of so much being withdrawn that made them different has now gone completely, from the chauffeur transfers to the “No Brand -one fits all sleepwear”, that hangs of you like a sheet. I was asked to pay $14 for limited wi fi in 1st class on a 15 hr flight! I refused.

    Shocking to think that crews will be selling food, alcohol, comfort kits and sleepwear, in all classes, and Business and First will have to ask for these items. Especially on flights to and from AUH-Australia, which can be up to 15 hrs, and to from Paris and UK.
    What will be the difference between as asking for a snack, and buying a snack box?
    Perhaps those 3 for 2 offers of chocolate bars at WH Smith, will now seem appealing with an “Etihad Boarding card” in your hand?!
    Of course like the complete collapse of the “Guest” program, and its major failure some months ago, losing details of FFP members, no promotions and extra charges as well as higher mileage rates means this is very poor.

    No reasons to reflect any more loyalty which i have since they started, I am not paying £3,650 for a Business, First £7,100 return to Sydney Ex LHR, then adding on food, drink, toiletries or wi fi access.
    If they want to also go Low Cost, they can have “Low Loyalty” and low load factors for their future.
    Perhaps those travelling economy will pay for some of these items, but why should those paying 5-10 times the Premium price, have to then buy them, when they remain available on most other Airlines?
    Then again, Air Berlin, Darwin Airlines, Alitalia, show a history of those making decisions at this Airline, have made fatal errors, this just being another in that process.
    They always seem to state “due to customer lead demand” which we all know is utter nonsense.Their own staff on the ground and in the air, are clearly embarrassed by these moves.

    Foolish decision. Etihad shows it is Consistent in its failures and poor judgements.
    Just like B A (On the forum now), this is very damaging to the “Brand” of Etihad, that now stands behind, not ahead of other Airlines.

    The loyalty is returning to those Airlines striving to improve and have their brand shine out, such as KLM, Finnair, Swiss, Singapore, Air New Zealand, Qantas breaking free from Emirates. Good for them, they will have far more support, and capture back the market they have lost.
    Many are returning to the Australia – Europe route via Asia.
    I shall will be another. Goodbye Etihad.


    Agreed Marcus
    On the BA brand damage topic, I stated that introducing BOB pretty much dilutes a brand that is pitched at a premium level.
    I once thought of Etihad as being the classiest of the ME3 / 4 .
    After reading the article I’d definitely drop them down to the bottom of that bunch..

    Reeks of a desperate move by a transactional focussed management team .

    Just another full fare airline acting like an aging street hooker desperately hawking her wares to anybody, just so she can raise cash to feed whatever greedy addiction she might have.

    Sadly Etihad will now, no longer be on my EDI- HKG preferred choice, even though I believe in rewarding them for investing in my local airport.


    Etihad is definitely ‘past its sell by date’. Their service both in the air and on the ground is merely average and nothing special at all, as they were up to 3 or 4 years ago.

    AUH airport is a mess and as one contributor said above they are definitely an airline/airport to avoid.

    I too, even though I am ‘local’, switched my 100% allegiance to QR, even though I was at Gold level with both of them.

    QR is still imho the best of the ME3/4, as the transfer through DOH is sublime, which is not something one could say about DXB, or even the reaching DXB airport these days, and that is why I have always favoured EY/QR over EK.

    I once wrote an ‘open’ letter to the former ‘big boy’ of EY, Mr James Hogan about his questionable investment in AZ and others, but alas just like a certain Mr SCUD at BA, they believe they ‘know everything’, when actually we (fellow forum contributorshere) have much more experience of flying throughout the world as Mr Joe Public.

    This was something I suggested to Mr Hogan, that he flew incognito with AZ, and taste the real ‘quality’ of AZ cabin service. Then he may not have been quite so eager to waste his ‘Boss’s’ millions, investing in an airline that is possible the worst in Europe for management/staff/organisation/ground experience/cabin crew/militancy vis-a-vis union action etc etc etc. This fact is well known by every Italian businessman, most of whom avoid AZ like the plague, but Mr Hogan knew otherwise.

    However, the cutbacks at EY, are not particular to them, it is actually a reflection of everything that is happening in UAE at present.

    N.B. The aforementioned Mr Hogan has now set himself up as an Investment Advisor ——ahem!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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