Etihad to follow BA?

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    Shocking news, if true.

    EY intend to stop interlining from 1 February for bookings made on separate PNRs.


    At least Etihad will enforce this new rule to new bookings only. BA decided to enforce it to existing bookings which was a pure disgrace.


    To be honest, I wonder how many passengers travel on EY via AUH using separate tickets ?

    EY is a major hub airline and therefore it is usually cheaper to buy one ticket rather than two.

    In other words, a through ticket London-AbuDhabi-Singapore or Manchester-AbuDhabi-Bangkok will cost less than buying two separate tickets.


    Very few I’d think Alex, though if you do need to stopover in the ME you can often get a very good deal in hotels from the airline with no extra charge for the break in journey. It’s all on one through ticket though.


    Well, this is quite confronting for me, as a Gold member of Etihad since they started as a “Boutique Airline”, now so shockingly increasing capacity at some 15% + a year! Abu Dhabi is just packed around 7-10am, and the same 7-11pm at night, the current Airport and capacity cannot cope. The personalisation of the Airline has dropped, and you appear to be a part of the Mass of people on board large aircraft these days, lounges and facilities are full.
    They are remote to gain responses from for poor service, contact is awkward by phone often coming through to UAE, not the UK office, vague and unknowing of their own rules and policies, as their customers.

    I flew out a few days ago ex LHR on Oman Airlines, and in a few days of stopover will connect through AUH down to Australia in First. So Alex, the answer is Yes, as i have several different bookings, especially as i am using miles seats, that can only be booked sector to sector, and want stopovers. These all have to be separated, and using multiple Airlines without a stopover now, will cause major problems. I really have no wish to go through immigration, and collect and re-check in bags, and have an “in and out / same day” stamp in my passport, which does not look good when travelling. Immigration clearances would look very suspiciously at these. Connecting to Virgin Australia after flights into their with Etihad will become awkward now, as its not possible to book a miles seat, or a connection on VA with Etihad on line. it means allowing time to fly Domestically often with different terminals, and re-checking in baggage, exiting Australia.

    The above all combined, many policies that enabled them to stand out from the rest now place them back with the rest, and i shall not be choosing them in future. They appear to be very money grabbing with extra charges, and miles booking fees, and policies, as well as fare basis entitlements reviewed also recently. Surely they make enough profit already?

    This is going to cause multiple problems, arguments, missed flights, and very bad press from many people. It makes using the Etihad Guest miles very difficult unless you stopover, as you always have to transit in AUH to reach your destination, and you cannot on line book for both sectors together.
    Their Customer services told me 3 days ago “we used to but we do not join bookings together with different reservations now”, when i tried to link my MCT-AUH-Oz flights before i left. This is before the [policy started, and my reservations in the systems already.
    Despite connecting with Etihad from MCT – AUH, it is in a different class, which you cannot mix on their booking system. One regional trip into a different terminal, and i have no intention of entering the country to re-check in my bags.
    Makes me rather nervous in these pre-days as to how their agents in MCT will deal with my bookings, when Etihad declined to join or even put a note in my booking for connecting. Even if i had booked a miles, or paid for connecting flight with them, this is Not acceptable.
    I will have to rely on agents not Etihad to want to, and be allowed to book me through with my two bookings, in different classes.

    They have lost a Gold card holder, but i am sure the masses who take them these days, my business will not be missed. I will count them out for flights via their hub now. A stupid move considering we all must fly through AUH to reach our final destinations, and actually, i cannot be bothered with them and this policy. Clearly it benefits them and nothing for us as customers, selfish and awkward. It will cut people from ravelling through AUH, and be a compulsory stopover if you dare to use your miles, or mix Airlines.
    Goodbye Etihad!


    Etihad is getting a lot wrong these days…so much so that the management horrendous mistakes are being recognised. CEO gone, MD gone.
    Cruz and Walsh take note!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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