Emirates B777 ‘nearly impacted the ground’

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  • Tom Otley

    The Air Current reported this week ‘an incident’ with an Emirates B777 flight from Dubai to Washington DC.

    Emirates 777 close call in Dubai returns spotlight to automation over-reliance

    At one point the aircraft was flying at 175ft and 275 knots (300mph) over a Dubai neighbourhood.

    Bloomberg reports that the aircaft ‘nearly impacted the ground’ which is a rather euphemistic way of putting it.


    More explanation here

    Emirates’ (Probably) Terrifying Boeing 777 Flight To Washington


    As we know, the media loves to over-dramatize!

    Without an official report, speculation is rife even on Aviation Herald, which I regard as an accurate site. When inviting comments on an incident, there will always be the “armchair pilots” who have their own theories on what happened. Speculation has surfaced that the pilot flying was female; nothing to base that wild comment on!

    Unless the situation has changed, it’s unlikely Emirates will issue a statement. Waiting instead for a formal investigation report. However, unconfirmed reports suggest the pilots (4) have been dismissed. Given the distance, it would be four person crew. I’ve heard it’s common practice for the previous one to set various dials etc to zero for the next crew.

    The safety culture within certain airlines is often questioned so apart from issuing the memo to pilots, it will be interesting to see how far Emirates go in addressing this incident.

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    This sounds pretty scary to me.

    The One Mile at a Time summary appears to contain some solid facts, and Emirates themselves say the flight suffered some technical issues.

    Whilst their safety record is not flawless, they are up there with the very safest (eg Qantas), which makes this all the more unusual.

    Let’s see if we get anything more concrete.


    From The AV Herald
    Incident: Emirates B773 at Dubai on Dec 20th 2021, overran runway on departure

    By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Dec 28th 2021 08:14Z, last updated Tuesday, Dec 28th 2021 08:24Z
    An Emirates Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EQI performing flight EK-231 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Washington Dulles,DC (USA), was accelerating for takeoff from Dubai’s runway 30R when the aircraft rotated for takeoff past the end of the runway and became airborne just at the end of the runway end safety area. The aircraft continued to Washington for a landing without further incident.

    The aircraft performed the return flight EK-232 on schedule, then was grounded in Dubai and remained on the ground in Dubai for 4 days.

    According to Mode-S data transmitted by the aircraft’s transponder the aircraft remained on the ground until accelerating through at least 216 knots over ground about 4400 meters/14400 feet past the runway threshold and about 90 meters short of the localizer antennas, was airborne at 75 feet AGL at 234 knots over ground already over the first residential houses past the runway (5640 meters/18500 feet past the runway threshold), then climbed out to safety.

    According to information The Aviation Herald received, the aircraft sustained some damage in the departure. There is also information, that a total of 4 crew members may have been dismissed as result of the occurrence.

    On Dec 27th 2021 Emirates Airlines released a crew alert to their pilots following the occurrence suggesting the crew had not picked up the previous flight crew had left the altitude setting at the Master Control Panel at airport elevation/00000 feet causing the flight director to not indicate takeoff rotation and climb out but instead indicate to maintain that altitude (ALT mode). The airline wrote:

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    CS KOK

    Good landing though


    This popped up in my YouTube feed and its a case of ‘Automation Dependency’ & Emirates’ attitude to using it significantly more than US airlines, so I thought some may enjoy it as it explains a lot of the background & is detailed…

    TERRIFYING Close Call: Emirates 777 Nearly Crashes on Takeoff in Dubai YOUTUBE.COM

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