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    Egyptair Express CAI MLA EMB170 2 hours 25 minutes

    Egyptair Express, the airline that makes Ryanair look like a full service carrier.



    Come on FDoS – lets have the details – are they that gory?????



    Yes, they are.

    Two rows allocated to business class – rammed in 2×2 seating with both sold.

    Eco was no more than 60% full, but MS doesn’t have the wit to put the curtain back a couple of rows and ease the pressure.

    When another guy and I (both crammed in window seats) go to sit in eco to have a spare seat next to us (the seats are exactly the same in Y and C), they refuse to serve our meals there.

    I wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat, but the other guy was quite narked.

    PS: I’ve flown with Egyptair Excerspress quite a lot, you know how much they value your custom, when they demonstrate the two exits front and rear, by holding up their index and second fingers, on both hands, to the pax. And in the reverse sense to Winston Churchill’s famous victory gesture.



    Awful airline. Flew four sectors earlier this year. No safety briefing on one of them, two pax talking on mobiles during take off on another, with no attempt made by the crew to get them to switch off.



    I agree with Esselle and FormerlyDos, Egyptair is a scary airline. No security check/ announcement done systematically, overhead compartments open during takeoff, FA not caring about.
    I flew three times with Egyptair, and hope never again..One of the flights was on a brand new 777, and I was surprised by the lack of care of the FA.
    The service was very poor, there is no comment to be done about.
    Surprinsingly, they are members of StarAlliance.. I believe they cope with their standards ..



    One of the few airlines where pilots make the executive decision to smoke whilst flying and fly with the flight deck door unlocked/open!

    Flew once, scary……………

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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