Easter Holiday Bonanza: 18 Days Off for 9 Days Hols

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    If you’re planning your next break, consider travelling during the last few weeks of April.

    As Easter is later than normal this year, there’s a lucky proximity of Easter and Bank Holiday which makes an extended break highly advantageous.

    From Good Friday, on Friday 18th April/Easter Monday 21st April to Monday 5th May (the early May Bank Holiday) you only need take nine days of personal holiday to get 18 days away from the office – doubling your holidaytime!

    An ideal opportunity to take an extended break 😉


    More importantly, most schools go back BEFORE the Easter weekend (or, for private schools) the Tuesday after Easter Monday. This means your holiday will also be munchkin-free!


    Except for the munchkins from the Southern Hemisphere who will be on their 4 week autumn break!


    Is it only European countries which celebrate both Easter and the May Day Bank Holiday?


    Different up hear in Scotland, and add to the fact that it is becoming more common for companies to shift bank holidays into annual entitlement rather than have them fixed.
    Also Easter Monday isn’t a bank holiday, Good Friday is.
    So I only have 3 fixed dates 25 & 26/12 + 1/1. Annoying the 2nd of the Jan isn’t recognised as Bank Holiday as my company is English based.


    Depending a bit which European country you live in, I can see the following excellent schedule this year:
    Thursday (Maundy) 17 April
    Friday (Good Friday) 18 April
    Monday (Easter Monday) 21 April
    Thursday (Labor Day) 1 May

    Assuming you leave Wednesday night, the 17th and come back Sunday 4th you spend eight days of holidays for 17 full days of time off not counting the first Wednesday and last Sunday.


    Hi Canucklad – yes, “we” are the same, bank and local holidays all absorbed into annual holiday days. Only ones fixed are the Christmas and New Year, and thankfully we do get the 2nd Jan, I think it works out to 9 days a year?

    Actually I like it as it means “we” in effect take the time when “we” want!

    “We” = the Royal we of course! 😉


    Afternoon Papiliion

    Yep, I’m happy with the arrangement, although the companies that do this have pulled off an absolute blinder that not many people have picked up on.

    Yes it’s wonderful that I can be more flexible with my 38 days minus the 3 can’t move days.

    Now take my organization, at a stroke by making the other days part of the annual entitlement we have saved an absolute fortune on overtime to cover those days such as Mayday ! normally paid at double time.

    And, LOL our English overlords just don’t understand the need to take the 2nd off!!


    What an interesting concept. Is this a Scotland-specific thing?

    There’s nothing more annoying than the midweek Bank Holidays often seen in mainland Europe. Utterly pointless, and a waste of time as it impacts the whole working week.


    I hope everyone has their hols booked by now!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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