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  • MartynSinclair

    Noticed I had an avios double booking in my upcoming flights section and presumed this was my error. However, on checking further, I noticed the ticket numbers were sequential. After speaking to Tim F, realised this was an IT error by BA.

    Phoned BAEC, currently in the USA.. put through to the Indian call centre. Initially was only going to have avios returned, taxes were going to be kept. Explained this is clearly a BA IT failure and after a quick word with the Exceptions Team, the agent came back to confirm all would be refunded.

    This may not be a common problem, but if you see a double booking, take a look at the ticket number.

    Will I still fly BA – YES
    Will I demand Alex Cruz resigns for this error – NO

    As a side issue, I was impressed by the Indian call centre:

    1. phone line quality – no crackling
    2. The politeness of the agent
    3. The very clear English communications skills from the agents


    Indian call centre agents are generally as you describe, polite, gracious, helpful, and well-spoken.

    The problem is that often they are not empowered to do much more than read from a script and follow a flowchart, hence the problems.


    You haven’t got your money back yet, Martyn 😉


    @FDOS -avios already returned.. email received confirming refund, but was told 10 days..

    Funny how when tickets are purchased the amount shows on your credit card instantaneously.


    Martyn, not really surprising. When you use your card you have the authority to charge your account. A call centre person will not be empowered to give money back, and it will need to be authorised, probably not in the country of the call centre.


    Not only that, but I understand that due to the way the credit card systems process debits and credits, a debit will be authorised immediately and debited usually overnight, credits are a slower process. This was always contentious when I ran an airline ticket desk and we had to refund. The credit, even if we processed it immediately, would sometimes not hit the customer’s account for a few days. they accused us of keeping their money, when in fact it was the banks doing that.


    I would also expect some kind of Avios compo.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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