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    A timely reminder for those that received the targetted email from Amex that you have until tomorrow to transfer you Membership rewards points to BA EC and receive (by the end of September) double BA Miles.


    We want you to be the first to know that British Airways are offering you this exclusive double BA Miles offer. This offer is only available to selected Cardmembers until 31 August 2011.

    So, whether you’re after a beach holiday in Puerto Rico or a city break to Paris, your Membership Rewards points could help you get there quicker.

    Transferring your points is easy and, if you’re already a member of the British Airways Executive Club, your extra BA Miles will be added to your account by 30 September 2011. Not yet a member? Not a problem – enrol here so you won’t miss out.

    Visit to transfer your Membership Rewards points for double BA Miles before 31 August 2011. Just think of all those points waiting to take you places.

    Yours sincerely

    Lisa Gervis
    Head of Customer Communications
    American Express UK and Ireland



    that is a brilliant offer but have not received an email. can anyone do it? i do have both a EC and an Amex and would like to transfer them. do you have a link?



    This was a targetted email from American Express. Unless you received the email, you are not eligible for the promotion.

    You can, of course, still transfer MR points 1:1 to BA Miles.

    There is currently a promotion open to everyone until 5 September whereby you can purchase BA Miles and receive a 30% bonus:



    Thanks VK- I had forgotten!



    Thank you also, I made a transfer this morning!



    9 hours to decide on this – trying to see what effect Avios could have on the value of this “free airmiles” if any.

    This is the second time in 5 months that this offer has been circulated.



    I received the bonus points into my BAEC account today. Very nice!



    Well I am still waiting for my bonus points to come



    Double BA Miles were offered for anyone transferring their points from AMEX last year – Does anyone know if AMEX will offer a similar deal for AVIOS this year – or have I missed it?



    Until the end of October Amex Membership Rewards are offering a 40% bonus on tranfers to Avios. The bonus miles will not be credited until the end of the year however.



    This is the 3rd time (see above) that Amex have made me this offer and in my case the extra 40% is worth an First Class return.

    However my jury is still out as perhaps diversification of points/miles/avios is better than all eggs in 1 basket.

    The hassle factor with Avios / BAEC in just trying to use a gold upgrade voucher is taking the joy out of the First experience. I accept that airlines need to restrict award bookings but when only 2 seats have been sold in First, with only 5 days to go before departure, it does beg the question, is it worth while having so many points with one airline.

    Awards are given for loyalty, but BA are currently making it too much hassle for these awards to be actually enjoyed.

    At the moment, I intend keeping the whole lot with Amex.



    Martyn…very much agree with you on the BA Avios points you made
    I do however have a serious issue with Amex offers being targeted.
    My £450 fee for a platinum card is no different to anyone else’s £450 and I find the differentiation in benefits unacceptable.
    It would be acceptable to provide enhanced benefits to some and not others when there is clear and unambiguous terms and conditions. eg. BA upgrade for 2 – when x tier points are reached or Concorde room card for other tier point targets. This is because A- membership is free and B:- the criteria and terms and conditions are also clear.
    With Amex there is a fee and these targeted offers are secretive and lack transparency.

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